The Best Summer Table Decorations For Every Table Style [2024]

summer table decorations

With summer almost here, our interior decor expert Lydia has curated her favorite summer table decorations for every summer style.

Decorating your table for summer brings joy, bringing in the new season and celebrating the sunshine, long days and an opportunity to relax. It’s a delightful opportunity to express personal style and embrace the vibrant colors and textures of summer. Whether arranging fresh-cut flowers in a rustic farmhouse vase, laying out a colorful tablecloth, or setting out brightly coloured and exciting place settings, each choice reflects a piece of your creativity and aesthetic. The process itself becomes a joyful prelude to gatherings, inviting family and friends to a visually appealing and inviting space. Embracing summer table decorations allows for playful experimentation with patterns and hues, making every meal feel like a special occasion, resonating with the warmth and lightness of the season.

Shop Lydia’s favorite summer table decorations below to get inspired this summer.

summer table decorations ideas

Muted Elegant Outdoor Summer Table Decorations

Muted elegant outdoor decor appeals for its ability to create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Enhances the tranquility of outdoor spaces, inviting relaxation and contemplation to your table so your guests can relax. Its subtle palette and understated designs foster a timeless elegance that elevates any garden or patio, making it a perfect backdrop for relaxed and cosy gatherings.

Outdoor Table Decor With Pops Of Color

Outdoor decor with pops of color brings joy and energy to any garden or patio, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere for your guests. Bold colours and fun accents keep your guests talking and celebrate the vibrancy of summer with zesty limes and juicy colours. Adding mirrored decor adds a touch of fun and celebration to your table.

Contemporary table decor

A contemporary table is one of our favorite summer table decor looks, clean lines and dark colours make your table inviting and lets your food really take centre stage. Using tall candle sticks bring a sense of drama to the table and are a great talking point. Contemporary vases with fresh flowers are a great way to bring some color to the table and let your personality shine through.

Rustic Farmhouse Decor

We love rustic farmhouse decor for its warm, inviting charm that evokes a sense of nostalgic comfort and simplicity. Bringing in materials of wood, stone and soft textures like linen creates a cosy and earthy atmosphere that connects guests to the land and a relaxed environment. Light tones, wood finishes and delicate linens keep your table feeling sophisticated.


We hope our simple yet effective guide has promoted you to gather inspiration for summer table decorations. Playing around with different table cloths, and ornaments can really enhance a style that your going for. Remember whilst experimenting with summer table decor ideas, to have fun and get creative, there is real joy in this process.

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