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Top 6 Secret Jardin Grow Tents Reviewed + FAQ

Indoor gardening differs from the traditional one as keeping care of plants indoors requires controlled conditions. Portability is the key feature that makes indoor gardening special.

Allowing you to control humidity, airflow, and growth lights all in one place, grow tents present a reusable solution for indoor gardening needs.

Secret Jardin provide exclusive gardening solutions and their grow tents are made to fit every indoor gardener’s needs. In this article, we have reviewed our favorite Secret Jardin grow tents to help you choose your indoor garden.

Secret Jardin Dark Room 60

Dark Street Secret Jardin 60 v3.0 (2' x 2' x 5')

Most attractive features of this product

This grow tent falls into the medium-sized category, and you can place it anywhere in your indoors. Considering its compactness and lightweight features, it can fulfill indoor gardening needs in a small place.

Product overview

HID-generated light is beneficial for indoor plants, but handling the light source can become a problem for people in certain areas. The Secret Jardin darkroom 60 provides a reliable solution to this problem.

This grow tent can bear up to 65 pounds of weight with lightning and ventilating equipment. Its access ports make life more comfortable with their ability to support different gardening materials. Ducting can also be easily accommodated with the use of them.

This grow tent is lightweight and washable at the same time. Not many tents are easy to carry and place, while this one allows you to stay comfortable. The self-contained gardening facility comes with proper inner lining.

The lining is long-lasting and does not wear and tear over time. The inner lining keeps outside light away, making sure that only the grow light within the grow tent is accessible to the plants inside.

Keeping the compatibility first, Secret Jardin has made sure, that a single person can easily assemble this tent. Contracting this grow tent for storage is also very simple. The light proofing of this grow tent is marvelous, keeping all the harmful light away from the plants.

More cord access parts are included in this tent. The joints are stronger compared to the other grow tents in the market, providing a sturdy place for the growth of your indoor plants.


  • The roof support of this grow tent is capable of bearing 65 pounds weight
  • Very solid
  • Outstanding reflectivity
  • Lightproof tent
  • Washable mylar lining
  • Stronger corner pieces compared to other grow tents
  • Two ventilation slaps that are sealable and removable
  • Cable access ports on both the top and bottom
  • Houses two bottom vents


  • Does not provide the best light blockage compared to other grow tents

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Secret Jardin Dark Room 90

Secret Jardin DARKROOM 3.0 DR90, 35 x 35 x 79

Most attractive features of this product

This grow tent is extremely firm and provides more light proofing to your indoor gardening needs. All of this comes with extra ease of housing, and you can put this grow tent in almost every room.

Product overview

The Secret Jardin Dark Room 90 grow tent is very firm and fully equipped. This grow tent has six different accessories included. The reflective Mylar foil keeps all the outdoor lights from entering the grow tent.

This grow tent has a robust construction, and you can be sure that you have your plants safe.

The inside of this product is covered with Mylar fabric. Unlike hobby range tents, this grow tent is capable of achieving industry lighting standards. It’s very durable and has high tear resistance.

The fabric of this grow tent is resistant to temperature, stains, and moisture. You can machine-wash this tent if you need to. The washable feature of this tent is areal strength, as not many tents offer it.

Two air inlet and two air exhaust connections make the planets inside of the tent able to breathe. The air passage is necessary to bring in oxygen and carry carbon dioxide away from the plants. Using Velcro flaps, you can either open or close the two ventilation windows on the bottom.

The ventilation windows save you from the hassle of providing fresh air into the tent. This tent houses three pass-through points for electricity cables. The lightproof zippers make it easy to set up this tent with the easy-to-follow assembly guide. A space booster in this grow tent prevents the tent from sucking in.


  • Made of durable Mylar
  • Incorporates wider inlets and outlets
  • It has a removable waterproof tray at the bottom
  • Side panels that can be unzipped make this product more comfortable to handle
  • You can wash this grow tent easily


  • Lower windows and lower vents are placed higher compared to other growth tents

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Secret Jardin Grow Tent DR300w

Secret Jardin DARKROOM 3.0 DR300W, 118 x 59 x 93

Most attractive features of this product

This grow tent falls into the budget category, providing the best environment to cultivate your plants under outstanding supervision.

Product overview

Like other grow tents by Secret Jardin, this grow tent has a very smart design. It allows you to put this tent anywhere in your house without worrying too much about the available space.

In a short time, you can assemble this lightproof tent without the help of any other person.

The portability has always been the main feature of a grow tent, and this one meets that standard too. The door of this grow tent comes with a double flap. Double flap makes sure that no outside light enters the tent.

This door makes sure that grow light stays inside the tent. Proper exposure to growth light is necessary for the health of indoor plants. The 210D Mylar making the inside of this tent makes sure that light stays inside, nurturing the plants in turn for maximum fruit ripening and plant growth.

With this grow tent, you don’t have to worry about using pesticides regularly. This tent keeps all pests away from the plants, and you can stay sure that no pest is ruining your plants.

The whole constructions consist of Mylar, a sturdy frame, and proper ventilation and light exposure. This tent ticks all the necessary boxes. All these features make a complete set for successful indoor gardening. You can also attach various garden accessories and mount the cables easily.


  • You can assemble this grow tent in just fifteen minutes.
  • The lightproof door system takes care of light leakage.
  • A complete set of the essential components
  • Both newbies and professionals can use this grow tent.


  • The price of this product is not fully justified.

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Secret Jardin Grow Tent DR 120

Secret Jardin DARKROOM 3.0 DR120, 47 x 47 x 79

Most attractive features of this product

This professional grow tent featuring extremely reflective Mylar has a sturdy build with a tear-proof canvas. You can configure this tent according to your needs and use multiple windows for any configuration.

Product overview

There are many great features of this tent, but the greatest of them is the internal lining made up of highly reflective material. This light-reflective lining makes sure that all of the plants within the tent get the same exposure to light, and grow well at the same time.

Mylar lining in the tent is responsible for the super reflectivity and adds waterproofing features to the tent. Initially used by NASA, Mylar is now all-favorite among grow tent manufacturers and gives this tent the potential to stay durable against abrasions. The interior of the tent remains nearly 95% lightproof, keeping your indoor garden safe inside the tent.

This tent has multiple windows and socks in it. The presence of such socks and windows makes it extremely easy to put grow lights and ventilation equipment inside your grow tent. Having PocketIT, you can conveniently adjust the height of this tent according to your needs.

There is also a filter strap along with a grow light hook for better organization. The CableIT cord clips make sure that electrical cords do not stay loose inside the grow tent. All of such tools ensure that the grow tent does not have a fussy interior.

Compared to the previous product of the same name, this revision is better stable and robust than the last one. While the previous version struggled in many ways, this one stays up to the demands of a customer willing to grow plants indoors. Despite adding sturdiness to this tent, assembling it is still very easy.

Sturdiness does not mean that you have to spend hours assembling this grow tent. With the given tools, you can assemble it in only 15 minutes without the help of anyone else.


  • The reflective interior makes sure that light reaches all plants inside the tent properly.
  • Different gardening accessories can be installed easily with multiple socks.
  • Houses a grow light hook, a filter strap, and a tool pouch.
  • It is sturdier than the other tents.


  • It may be challenging to use for new indoor gardeners.

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Secret Jardin Grow Tent INT120

Intense Secret Jardin 120 v3.0 (4' x 10' x 7')

Most attractive features of this product

This tent is meant for professionals, providing intense performance as hinted by the name. Having this grow tent means that you can have the perfect and professional indoor gardening experience.

Product overview

This grow tent comes from the “intense” product line of Secret Jardin, and provides flexible usage to the buyers. The word intense stays true to the performance of the tent.

As this tent is very spacious, you can have easy access to your indoor plants with side access panels. Along with them, you also can reach your plants using a walkthrough corridor.

Throughout the growth cycle, your plants require special care, and the ease of access to this tent makes it all easy. INT120 also features a space booster for utilizing a maximum area.

A series of accessories included in this grow tent make sure that you get the perfect arrangement of all the necessary items inside the tent. The tent is so designed that the plants do not collapse in case you need to evacuate air from the tent.

If you want to extend your tent while having more plants indoors, you can do this with a full line of tents by Secret Jardin. The tents sold by the company can be connected, allowing you to have more control and more space in your indoor planting space.

If you are going to combine several tents, you can buy separate extensions to connect more tents, allowing you to have a more extensive growing space. This tent is the best option for any pro grower anywhere in the world.


  • It has ample space.
  • Steel pipes make this tent very sturdy.
  • The transparent plastic corners add to the beauty of this tent.
  • The water tray included keeps the extra water in one place.
  • Overall, tent volume comes in handy in various planting needs.


  • This tent covers more space in your house.
  • Beginners might not want to use this tent, as it is difficult to set up and maintain.

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Secret Jardin Grow Tent INT240

Intense Secret Jardin 120 v3.0 (4' x 10' x 7')

Most attractive features of this product

This grow tent comes from the top of the top grow tents, only designed for seasoned professionals growing a large number of plants indoors. You can create a robust indoor garden by linking this product with other tents.

Product overview

This tent has more than enough space to have many plants at the same time, safe and secure in an indoor space. Having the best equipment is necessary when you want the best growing experience, and this tent allows you to do so with its extraordinary features.

This tent weighs around 225 pounds, and you can have all your indoor gardening needs covered with this fantastic grow tent.

You can grow small and large plants in this tent, and doing it is all easy and fruitful at the same time. If you want more space and more control over your indoor garden, this grow tent is the best option.

All that’s necessary is included in this tent so that you do not miss any of the fundamental features. However, this tent takes arrangement as the priority, and you get tools to arrange products with this tent. The CableIT, HookIT, PocketIT are well known for their productive uses.

The space booster included in this tent allows you to increase the inner space further. Space booster enables the tent to protect the plants in case of air suction. The support nets incorporated in the upper corner of the tent support plant heads, keeping them from hanging down when they grow taller.

For great extensibility, you can connect several other tents with this one. The ease of having indoor planting multiplies several times when you have the option to extend your growing area.


  • Very spacious.
  • Several supportive accessories are included with this tent.
  • The build of this growth tent keeps it from being torn.
  • The inner lining makes sure that the light stays inside the tent.
  • The inner volume of 13 cubic meters allows you to have extra space for plantation.


  • This tent covers more space, meaning that you cannot place it in a small room.
  • Not the best choice for the beginners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Secret Jardin grow tents?

Secret Jardin is a company that provides professional indoor gardening equipment for indoor gardening needs. Their grow tents are up to the industry standards and provide value to their buyers.

How much effort is needed to use Secret Jardin grow tents?

Secret Jardin Grow tents allow anyone with minimal knowledge about indoor gardening to have plants indoors. Everything is already set up in these grow tents, and you can use one without making many efforts.

Can I reuse a Secret Jardin grow tent?

Yes, you can use a Secret Jardin grow tent over and over to grow plants more than once. However, you have to take proper care of your grow tent to do so.

Are Secret Jardin grow tents helpful for plant growth?

With a Secret Jardin grow tent, you get all the necessary elements of plant growth in one place. This control allows you to stay stress-free, and your plants grow better than ever.

Do Secret Jardin grow tents have harmful emissions?

There a no emissions of any kind coming from the Secret Jardin grow tents. Using the grow tents of this company is environment-friendly, and you can use them to grow plants without harming the environment.

How much a Secret Jardin grow tent cost?

There is no fixed prices of Secret Jardin grow tents. The prices of Secret Jardin grow tents vary according to the features and durability.

Can we eat plants grown inside Secret Jardin grow tents?

Grow tents are used around the world to have plants for eating purposes. You can eat plants grown inside Secret Jardin grow tents, as there are no complications known to plants grown inside grow tents.

Where can I buy a Secret Jardin grow tent?

Secret Jardin grow tents are available both online and in physical stores. You can either buy their grow tents from local stores or get them shipped to your home using an online shopping facility.

Do Secret Jardin grow tents use electricity?

Secret Jardin grow tents require electricity to perform several tasks like aeration, glowing grow lights.

How to handle cables inside a Secret Jardin grow tent?

Secret Jardin grow tents come with several accessories, and one of them allows you to handle cables inside the grow tent with ease.

Final words

Indoor gardening is not an unachievable dream anymore. You can have healthy plants inside your home without needing to plow all day, or worrying about the weather conditions.

If you want to grow plants inside your home, having Secret Jardin grow tents is the best way to organize all things in one place. Happy gardening!