Vivosun 5 Gallon DWC Hydroponic System Kit Reviews


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Say goodbye to endless weeding, watering, and worrying about poor soil. Vivosun’s 5 Gallon DWC Hydroponic System Kit makes homegrown harvesting incredibly simple, even for beginners.

This complete hydro kit lets your plants thrive in water and nutrients without soil. Vivosun’s proprietary BioRoot technology boosts explosive growth and heavier yields. Fully customizable and expandable from 2 to 20 buckets, their systems cater to gardeners with any size space or budget. Sleek, black buckets blend seamlessly into your landscape.

Vivosun 5 Gallon DWC Hydroponic System Kit Reviews - Gardeners Yards

Hooking up Vivosun’s plug-and-play components is much less work than traditional gardening, with no required expertise or complex tools. Automated timers and patented NutriGrow nutrient blends feed your plants so you can enjoy nature’s bounty. Join the hydro revolution for your most abundant harvest ever!

Over 1 million growers have trusted Vivosun for easier gardening. Read on for an in-depth review of precisely what their 5-gallon DWC System delivers.


The 5 Gallon DWC Hydroponic System Kit (8 Bucket, Black) is a complete deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics growing system that allows you to grow plants in water instead of soil. It has all the components needed to set up an 8-bucket DWC system for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, and more.

The kit contains 8 buckets, baskets, air stones, tubing, an air pump, clay pebbles, drip irrigation parts, and other accessories to create a fully functioning hydroponics system. It utilizes both DWC and top drip feeding to provide oxygen and nutrients to plant roots for faster growth.

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Product Description

The 5-gallon DWC kit includes:

  • 8x 5-gallon black plastic plant buckets
  • 8x 8-inch mesh baskets to hold plants
  • 8x drip irrigation line sets
  • 1x 60L/min adjustable air pump
  • 8x air flow control valves
  • 12m of air tubing
  • 8x cylindrical air stones
  • 1x foam divider
  • 8x packs of clay pebbles
  • 8x red ball water level indicators
  • 16x inline check valves
  • Tubing connectors and ties
  • Comprehensive instruction manual

The buckets have pre-drilled holes to install the various tubing and airlines. The powerful 60L/min air pump oxygenates the nutrient reservoir while the clay pebbles support plant roots. The drip irrigation system recirculates water over the upper root zone.


  • Complete hydroponics system kit – has all necessary parts
  • Dual DWC and top drip feeding for optimal plant growth
  • Powerful 60L/min adjustable air pump
  • Air stones provide abundant oxygen to plant roots
  • Drip lines keep upper roots moist for nutrient absorption
  • Clay pebbles offer support and prevent algae growth
  • Red ball indicators show the water level at a glance
  • Fits easily in grow tents or spaces inside/outside
  • Can yield faster harvests compared to soil-growing
  • Reusable components for multiple grows


  • Installation can be tricky getting tubing through grommets
  • The air pump is loud, making sputtering/gurgling noises
  • Some tubing connections are on a bucket rather than the lid
  • Air stone is small and may need upgrading
  • Assembly directions lack detail in some areas
  • Drip irrigation can overwater plants if flow is not controlled
Vivosun 5 Gallon DWC Hydroponic System Kit - Gardeners Yards

Who Should Use Vivosun DWC Hydroponic System Kit?

Hydroponic growing using the deep water culture (DWC) method is gaining popularity thanks to faster harvest times and higher yields compared to traditional soil gardening.

The scalability, flexibility, and performance of DWC hydro make it appealing for all gardening backgrounds. While the 5 Gallon Hydroponic System Kit does need some initial setup, it delivers excellent value for those diving into home-based hydroponics.

If you’re wondering if a DWC system like the 5 Gallon Hydroponic System Kit is suitable for you, read on!

For Home Growers

A modular DWC kit is ideal for home growers who want to cultivate their fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers without much yard space. The multi-bucket systems let you add as much or as little capacity as you need. Apartment dwellers can use them on balconies or patios with proper sunlight exposure.

For Urban Farmers

Those doing small-scale urban farming within city plots can leverage DWC hydroponics to maximize their tight growing areas. Not relying on soil or raised beds lets you vertically stack multiple buckets to boost output substantially. Feeding each plant bucket takes just 5 gallons of water and nutrients.

For Schools/Education

Schools that want to teach STEM, plant biology, or agriculture topics can use an affordable DWC kit to demonstrate hydroponic fundamentals. Students can get hands-on experience with maintaining pH nutrient levels and harvesting crops from these small-footprint systems.

For Master Gardeners

Even life-long gardeners may want to try their green thumb with hydroponics. Transitioning from soil to water-based growing lets you precisely control and automate critical inputs like nutrients, light, air, and temperature for potential record yields. It’s a fun experiment for master gardeners!

5 Gallon DWC Hydroponic System Kit Installation - Gardeners Yards

How It Differs From Other DWC Kits

The 5 Gallon DWC Hydroponic System Kit stands out from other hydroponics systems in a few key ways:

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  • Combined DWC and Top Drip Feeding: Most DWC kits use an air stone at the bottom to oxygenate the water. This kit adds a top-feed drip irrigation design that recirculates water through the clay pebbles. This keeps the upper plant roots moist while getting air to the lower roots.
  • Dual Outlet Air Pump: Rather than a single airline, this system utilizes a dual outlet air pump that supplies air through two separate lines. The extra airflow gives explosive root development.
  • Complete Setup: Many basic DWC kits make you purchase additional accessories like air pumps, tubing, and clay pebbles. This kit bundles all those components, giving you everything needed to start growing.
  • Scalable Design: With 8 identical 5-gallon DWC units, the system can be set up to grow anything from herbs to tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and other veggies. More buckets can be added later for expanded capacity.

Final Verdict

After reviewing the complete Vivosun 5 Gallon Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System, it’s easy to see why they are a top choice for home growers. Their dedication to quality and innovation has made hydroponic gardening achievable for gardeners at any skill level.

Between the dual-outlet air pump, BioRoot additive, and hybrid top drip/DWC bucket design, Vivosun pulls out all the stops for lush, rapid plant growth in compact spaces. While assembly takes some initial elbow grease, the detailed instructions and labeled parts make the process very manageable.

Vivosun makes it possible to harvest fresher, organic produce steps from your kitchen for those with limited outdoor space or struggling with poor soil. Their 5-gallon buckets blend into any environment, from greenhouses to porches and patios.

For an affordable, high-performance hydroponics system with expandable capacity, Vivosun delivers solid value to kickstart your gardening needs.

Get 10% Off on Your First Order.

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