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Weed Wacker Vs. Lawn Mower – What Are The Differences?

Maintaining the lawn is vital if you want to have a beautiful and healthy environment around your home.

That’s why you need to mow and trim your lawn to keep the grass short, clean, and even.

Proper trimming of the grass allows equal distribution of resources for healthy growth.

Additionally, it keeps the grass level and prevents overgrown grass and weeds from invading your landscape.

Weed Wacker VS Lawn Mower – comparison, what are the differences

If you mow and trim your lawn regularly, you will prevent diseases and pests from destroying your lush lawn.

To keep your grass short and well mowed or trimmed, you need a lawnmower or trimmer.

But which one is better – weed wacker or lawnmower? Many people get confused when it comes to choosing between a weed wacker and lawnmower.

These two lawn tools may seem similar, but they are different.

However, most professionals advise homeowners to use both the weed wacker and lawnmower for exceptional results.

Using both of these tools leaves behind an appealing and attractive lawn that visitors and neighbors will admire a lot.

In this post, we’ll help you to differentiate between these two lawn tools and which one to use when or where.


What Is A Weed Wacker?

This is a lawn tool that features a spinning wire to cut overgrown grass and groundcover in a small area.

A weed wacker is also known as a weed whacker, string trimmer, line trimmer, weed eater, or weed whip.

There are different types of weed whackers to choose from.

They include electric-powered, gas-powered, battery-powered string trimmers.

Most people prefer gas over electric weed eaters because of their portability and ease of use.

What Is A Lawnmower?

A lawnmower is a tool that uses one or more revolving blades to cut grass to an even level.

The operator determines the level of the grass cut by adjusting the height of the blade. A lawnmower is also referred to as a grass cutter or mower.

Like the string trimmer, there are different types of lawnmowers. There are electric, gas, and manual lawnmowers.

To further differentiate a weed eater from a lawnmower, it is essential to understand how each one of them works. This has been defined further as follows:

How Does A Weed Wacker Work?

The weed wacker or string trimmer works in an effortless way.

It utilizes a rapidly spinning microfilament string that becomes very stiff to cut grass and weeds.

The quicker the hub moves, the stiffer the microfilament.

If you want the weed eater to cut grass accurately, you will have to cut grass in small portions instead of huge chunks.

Weed whackers come in a variety of types and designs. Users will have to select from electric, battery-powered, and gasoline.

Gasoline string trimmers are best for covering a larger area.

How Does A Lawnmower Work?

Most lawnmowers work with a rotary blade. The blade is turned by the motor, which in turn cuts the grass.

The rotary blade rotates spins horizontally and first enough to cut the grass as it hits it. Different lawnmower motors are driven by different methods.

Some are driven by gas while other electricity.

Gas lawn mowers are best for covering a larger area, while electricity lawn mowers are limited to how far they can cut.

Note that different types of lawnmowers work differently. Gas and electric lawnmowers with rotary blades work in the same way, while a manual lawn mower works differently.

However, the concept is still the same.

Similarities Between Weed Wacker Lawn Mower

No matter the difference in construction, both the weed wacker and lawnmower were created to cut grass.

As a result, they will help to keep your lawn clean and well-trimmed.

Besides, they need a physical operation for them to cut grass.

Weed whackers and lawnmowers come in a variety of types and are powered in different ways.

Regardless, most of them are either powered by gas or electricity.

Also, most people prefer gas-powered weed whackers and lawnmowers over electric ones.

This is because they cover a larger area. But if you’re afraid of fumes and don’t want to pollute the environment, the electric weed eater and mower are available as well.

Differences Between A Weed Wacker And Lawnmower

Both the weed wacker and lawnmower are used to cut the grass but have a lot of differences. So, before you rush to either but a trimmer or lawnmower, it is critical to understand their differences.


These two lawn tools are different in design and construction, even though they conduct the same job of cutting grass on your lawn.

A weed eater is small and slim, while the lawnmower is large, and they come in a variety of types.

There are manual, pushover, and driven lawnmowers.

On the other hand, weed whackers come in only one design, which has to be carried all the time during use.

Nevertheless, both of these machines are powered by different methods, with the main ones being gas and electricity.

Apart from their size, the tools differ in their cutting styles. A lawnmower uses a blade while a weed wacker uses a string to cut grass.

The blade doesn’t need any skill, while the string needs some skill to properly and accurately cut the grass.


The main difference between a weed wacker and lawnmower is their size and weight.

A weed wacker is slim and portable, while a lawnmower is large and heavy.

Surprisingly, operating the lawnmower is easier than operating a weed wacker.

This is because a weed eater cuts a small amount of grass at a time, while a lawn mower cuts huge chunks of grass at a time.

Additionally, a weed wacker requires a physically fit person to operate it, while a lawnmower can be operated by any individual.

Since most lawn mowers are pushed or driven, this means that they are better suited for covering a larger area.

In contrast, a string trimmer can only be used in a small area as it is tiring and cumbersome to handle.

Ease Of Use

If you want to cut grass on a large lawn, consider getting a lawnmower.

It shouldn’t be just any mower as some lawn machines, such as electric lawnmowers don’t cover a larger area.

However, they are still better than a string trimmer, which covers a very small area at a time.

Using a lawnmower is much easier than using a string trimmer. This is because you don’t have to hold the mower during use.

Depending on the type of lawnmower, you will be required to either push or drive it, which is not the case with a weed wacker.

This tool requires that you carry it during the entre use. This means that disabled or people with underlying conditions may not be able to use a weed wacker.


A lawnmower is more powerful than a string trimmer. What’s more, it is more effective and efficient at cutting a lot of grass at once.

A weed wacker cuts grass and weeds in small quantities.

However, a weed wacker is more effective at cutting grass and weed around a tree, fence, patio, garden edging, and much more.

This is an indication that you will need both the weed wacker and lawnmower to have a clean and beautiful looking lawn.

Impact On Grass

A weed eater puts more impact on the grass than a lower mower.

This is because the weed wacker doesn’t create a sharp cut like a lawnmower. Instead, it whacks the grass with a fast spinning string.

As a result, this damages the grass, which may take time to heal.

Additionally, the grass may not grow evenly on your lawn, causing some areas to differ from others.

When it comes to cutting tall grasses, a weed whacker is more effective than a lawnmower. However, it still puts pressure on the grass if more than 1/3 off the grass blades cut at once.

Bottom Line

Keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful is not an easy feat.

But with the right tools, your neighbors will keep on admiring your lawn as you take care of it regularly. That’s why you need both the weed wacker and lawn.

A lawnmower does a great job of leveling grass on your lawn, while a weed wacker helps you to cut grass and weeds that a lawnmower cannot cut. But if you insist on choosing one, ensure to get it right.

A lawnmower should be acquired if you want to cut grass to a certain level.

Also, a lawnmower covers a larger area when compared to a weed wacker.

On the other hand, a weed wacker or weed eater should be used to cut grass in areas where a lawnmower can’t.

If it ever comes down to which tool you should choose, many experts prefer having a lawnmower to a weed wacker.

This is because you don’t want to waste the whole day trimming a small area that a mower can clear in several minutes.