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Where To Buy Succulents In Bulk? [Buyer’s Guide]

Today, succulents have become popular houseplant alternatives, and the need to purchase them in bulk poses a significant challenge to many homeowners.

A lot of people ask one question. ”Where can I purchase bulk succulents near me?” There are different places near you that you did not know you could find these easy to maintain colorful plants.

Where to buy succulents in bulk

Here, we will look at the different places you can buy bulk succulents, plus their advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing the best place to purchase bulk succulents will depend on many factors. Their ease of access, availability of succulent varieties, price, discounts, and shipping alternatives are among the critical factors to consider.

Also, the quality of succulents and resistance to pests play important roles.

Below are five places you should consider when looking to purchase bulk succulents.

1. Online E-commerce Stores

Online stores have emerged to become trendy alternatives that offer customers the ease of getting whatever they want fast and straightforward.

These online stores are also a reliable place to find different species of succulents in bulk.

Depending on your country of residents or physical location, you can look for a reliable online platform that offers tons of advantages.

Note that: Most online stores offer you the chance to pick the exact succulents.


  • Good selection and different varieties
  • Cheaper alternative
  • Offer delivery services
  • Availability of quality succulents
  • Discounts


  • Prices are fixed and non-negotiable
  • Risking fraud from unreliable stores
  • Shipping returns can be hectic
  • Delays
  • Plants might arrive dead or damaged

How To Identify A Reliable Online E-commerce Store

Before making any online purchase, you should identify a reliable store. Here are four ways to identify a reliable store.

  • Read different reviews from satisfied customers
  • Read the privacy policy page to see if the store is licensed
  • Google safe browsing
  • Look and feel the professionalism in the website

2. Succulent Garden Centers

Succulent gardens that sell different varieties of succulents are other ideal places to purchase bulk succulents.

Most succulent gardens are located either near the shopping centers or beside the road.

In these gardens, you can park and walk inside to see the available plant species on sale. You can also be lucky enough to find experts who will advise you according to the different species of succulents available to grow in your garden.


  • Expert advice
  • Prices are flexible, and you can bargain with the sellers
  • Different varieties of succulents to pick
  • You are free to choose whatever plant you like


  • Some succulents might be infested with pests
  • Some succulent gardens do not offer transport services
  • Some will not have the best quality

3. Buying From Succulent Farmers

A succulent farmer sells both the mature and nursery stock. But before becoming a succulent farmer, he/she should have a license to plant, propagate, and sell these species.

Purchasing bulk succulents directly from the farmer is another option to consider.

Most succulent farmers ensure that they not only sell quality stock but trendy and beneficial plants.


  • No hidden charges during the purchase
  • You can choose succulents that you prefer
  • Advice from the farmer
  • You are supporting the local economy and promoting local wealth


  • No transport or shipping
  • Some succulents might be infested with pests
  • Can be quite expensive
  • Customer care service is not guaranteed

Who Is The Best Farmer For You?

Not every succulent farmer guarantees quality service to his/her customers. Some farmers are only in the business to make a profit against offering worthy services.

So, to identify a recommended farmer, follow the three steps below.

  • Experience – An experienced succulent farmer knows about planting these plant species. He/she should have at least three years of experience in succulent farming
  • An active farm – An active farm is the one that has its products sold and replaced regularly. The farm should constantly sell different varieties of succulents every month to avoid inferior planting
  • Strategically located – A strategically located farm should not be challenging to access when going to pick your bulk succulents

4. Directly From Specific Websites And Blogs

In this case, a website/blog is different from an online succulent store. Online succulent stores specifically deal in selling these attractive houseplants to buyers both locally and internationally.

Individual websites and blogs, on the other hand, focus solemnly on the online advertisement of the products.

For instance, an individual website/blog can choose to focus on selling Crown of Thorns (euphorbia milii) or the Aloe Vera (aloe Vera) in bulk.


  • Selling widely. Accessed by different buyers
  • Get the exact species of succulents
  • You have a personal interaction with the seller


  • Limited varieties to pick
  • Limited payment methods
  • No offers and discounts
  • Most individual blogs and websites do not offer shipping methods

5. Yard Sales

When you hear of a yard sale, you probably would not think about finding succulents on sale. Most yard sales offer different second-hand commodities.

If you are lucky enough, you can get a yard sale near you that also has different succulents on sale.

Neighbors will put up a yard sale if they want to get rid of the excess baggage in their houses. It is in these yard sales that you can get all sorts of things, like second-hand electronics, garage equipment, and bulk succulents (in our case).


  • You can find bulk succulents on sale at the lowest price
  • Pay cash and get the succulents
  • Choose whatever you like
  • Open to negotiation


  • Sometimes the succulents will not be of premium quality
  • No shipping methods
  • Not every seller is trustworthy
  • No advice from the seller


Before picking the precise place to purchase bulk succulents, you should identify an ideal place that favors you not only economically but ecologically.

Also, before picking succulents, know the exact species that will grow beautiful without any difficulty.