Why Are There So Many Flies On My Patio?

There’s nothing like spending time on your patio, especially during summer.

There’s also nothing like needing to swat away the army of flies outside that seem to be swarming your patio.

That’s right – the arrival of summer also means the arrival of insects hungry for food and breeding places. Flies, in particular, can be incredibly annoying and unsanitary.

So what causes flies to pester your patio in the first place?

Flies can appear on your patio due to rotten food, manure, trash cans, and even dead animals. While it might be true that the majority of house flies do not bite or sting, that’s not where the trouble lies with them.

Because they spend time in these kinds of environments, they can very easily spread germs and diseases that are dangerous to humans.

The common housefly is well-known for its ability to spread more than 200 known parasites and pathogens. That small but annoying fly could have the potential of spreading salmonella, cholera, and other nasty diseases you’d rather not think about.

But what do you do if there is an infestation of flies on your patio? What could be causing them? How do you get rid of them?

We’ve gathered the top four concerns you may need to address if you have swarms of attract flies that you’d like to eliminate ASAP:

Identifying Why There Is A Swarm Of Flies On Your Patio

1. Is There Any Food, Or Perhaps Abandoned Drinks?

Flies are opportunistic scavengers. This means that they will use any opportunity to eat or drink the things they come into contact with. Flies enjoy some of the same things that humans do.

If someone has been eating on the patio and has spilled or left something behind, this could be your culprit.

Flies are attracted to strong odors, which is what rotting food will typically produce. Look around for any plates or cups and tidy up any leftovers or food and drink spills. Wipe it down with bleach or a strong disinfectant.

Why Should You Fix This?

This is an ultra-fast step that you can take to get rid of the source of the flies on your patio. Flies will also breed where they can. So, the sooner you get rid of the food, the less likely you are to get additional swarms.

2. Animal Waste

The smell of animal waste is incredibly alluring to repel flies. They often enjoy laying their eggs in waste. While this is disgusting, it is a part of the fly’s natural lifecycle. They tend to lay their eggs in an area that contains a food source for their offspring.

If your dog or cat has been using your patio as its bathroom, this might very well be your issue. The good news is that you typically just need to follow your nose for this one. If your patio is next to green space, perhaps with shrubs, it may be that your pet or a wild animal is using that area as its bathroom.

There are several steps that you can take, including fencing off the area.

Why Should You Get Rid Of Any Animal Waste On Your Patio?

Having animal waste in a space you live in, such as your patio, is incredibly unhygienic. By getting rid of it, you’ll not only get rid of the flies, but you’ll be restoring good hygiene to your living spaces. Remember that these same flies often make their way inside your home.

You do not want to risk their dirty feet and bodies on your kitchen counters or your food.

3. Is There Any Standing Water?

Flies, like all of us, need to stay hydrated. If you have any standing water on your patio, consider removing it. This could include bird baths.

Your bird bath is sure to be an adorable addition to your outdoor space, but it can give the flies somewhere to land and fuel up. Get rid of the water, at least until the swarms of flies have eased up when the colder months arrive.

Why Should You Fix This?

This is a quick and easy fix that will soon restore harmony to your patio.

4. Check Your Outdoor Grill Or Smoker

We all love to fire up the old grill when the warmer months arrive. There’s nothing quite like steaks on the grill or ribs in the smoker. These outdoor essentials quickly become troublesome if they are not properly cleaned between uses.

Dried-up meat, vegetables, and fat drippings can quickly become a source of food for flies. Keep your outdoor cooking area clean between uses. This means cleaning them thoroughly and taking the grill grates inside to scrub them clean.

Why Should You Fix This?

Getting rid of the food remaining on the grill or smoker will get rid of the fly food source. Not only will this keep the flies away, but it’ll make sure that your grill is ready to be fired up right away next time you want to get those burgers and brats cooking.

What is the Best Solution to Get Rid of Flies From Your Patio?

The true best fix for eliminating flies on your patio is fairly simple. Keep your outdoor space clean and hygienic. This means cleaning up after yourself as you go, and ensuring that no animals are using your patio as their litterbox.

Disinfect the space and use fly strips to get rid of your current infestation.

It may sound like a lot of work, but it will be absolutely worth it when you can enjoy your outdoor space in peace and free from flies.

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