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Why Is My Cilantro Dying? (Causes & Treatment)

Using cilantro in your food is delicious. There are even people that aren’t just using the leaves known as cilantro in the kitchen, but they are also using the seeds, known as coriander.

Why is my cilantro dying

However, you might find that your cilantro is dying. And, no matter how hard you are trying, you can’t fix it. So, why is your cilantro dying and what can you do about it?

Signs That Your Cilantro Is Dying

Before you figure out how you can fix it, you need to know the signs of cilantro dying. The last thing that you want is to see that the plant is dying too late. These are the signs that you need to look for to spot dying cilantro fast:

  • The first sign is that the leaves are wilting. This means that the leaves are drooping down and starting to look sick.
  • The ends of the leaves are turning yellow or start drying out. This is a serious sign there is something wrong, and you need to act fast.
  • The leaves are falling from the plant. Cilantros aren’t plants that have leaves falling, except when it’s dying or when it has a nutrients shortage.
  • Black or yellow spots on the leaves. This can mean one of two things: The plant is dying or has a fungal disease that can cause the plant to die anyway.

If you know why your cilantro is dying, you can prevent it from happening again. Or, if you are lucky, you can even rescue your cilantro before it dies completely. These are some of the main reasons why cilantro might be dying.

Common Reasons Why Your Cilantro Might Be Dying

Your cilantro isn’t just wilting, turning yellow, or flowering. It is completely dying. Is there anything that you can do about it to rescue your plant to use it again?

When your cilantro is dying, you need to know that there are various possible reasons for it. Your soil can be incorrect, there can be not enough nutrients, or you might have planted it during the wrong season.

You must ensure that you find the precise reason why your plant is dying. This is the only way that you can rescue it.

Cilantro Dying After Leaves Turned Yellow

Many cilantro plant owners are complaining that their plants die after the leaves turned yellow.

When your cilantro turns yellow, it might be a sign that there is a nutrient shortage in the plant or the soil. And, you might want to get some added feedings for the plant.

There are many different options to consider regarding cilantro feedings, but getting an expert opinion is recommended. The fertilizer that you are going to use should include nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

Wilting Causing Cilantro Plant To Die

Another common problem with cilantro that many are struggling with is when the plant is wilting. The first thing that people might think is that the plant is wilting because of not getting enough water. However, this cannot be further from the truth.

reasons cilantro is dying

When a cilantro plant is wilting, it usually means that the plant is getting too much water. The stems are too wet, which causes them to wilt. The only thing you can do is provide the plant less water and ensure that it starts growing normally again.

You should never give too much water to a cilantro plant. The soil only needs to be moist and not completely wet or soaked. The tray should not have water lying in it.

The Wrong Type Of Soil

It doesn’t matter if you are planting the cilantro in your backyard or a pot. The one thing that you need to remember is that the soil quality and pH level is essential. This can cause cilantro to die if you don’t plant it in the right type of soil.

It needs to have a pH level of at least 6.2 to 6.8. Lower or higher pH levels might cause improper growth or not growing at all. Seeds should be planted at least two to four inches apart for the seeds to grow into successful plants.

Too Much Water

Another serious problem that can use your cilantro plant to die is overwatering. Cilantro plants don’t want to be watered too much, and they can die if you are keeping the soil too wet for too long.

You should just make sure to keep the soil moist. The moment that the soil is getting wet or soaking in water, you will lose your plants or seedlings.

Growing Cilantro Correctly To Prevent It From Dying

Growing cilantro isn’t as hard as it might sound. If you know exactly how you should plant and grow your cilantro plant, you will not have any issues with it dying or turning yellow. Getting soil that has the right pH level, the proper fertilizer, and the right sunlight will ensure a healthy plant.

It is also recommended that you never use more than one-third of the total plant’s leaves when you are cutting it for use. The more leaves you are cutting off, the higher the chance that you can damage the plant.

Be careful to leave the plant in direct sunlight for the whole day. It is best to plant the cilantro in a partially sunny location, where it’s getting shade in the afternoon.