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Why Is My Outside Tap Not Working? How To Fix It?

Outside taps, also referred to as faucets, are devices used to control the flow of liquids, especially water from a pipe or the primary source.

Most outside taps are used to provide water for use around the homestead for domestic purposes.


However, it is exposed to several risks outside the house, which may lead to its failure.

These are risks that many people have come to terms with after identifying the problem and solution.

Reasons Why Your Outside Tap Is Not Working


This is usually one of the many reasons why the outside tap may not be producing water.

Blockages are in the form of sediments that have build up stopping the flow of water by causing clogging in pipes.

This is due to metal deposits in the main source of water, debris, and even rust.

When these particles clog in the pipes, they end up blocking the pipe conveying water to the outside tap.

How To Fix It?

  • For a blocked pipe, it would be advisable to call a plumber. Plumbers conduct a drain camera inspection, which determines the cause of the blockages.
  • One can also use a high-pressure jet to clear up the dirt causing the blockages.
  • Sometimes the tap is the problem; therefore, replacing the tap with a new one is the best option.

Corrosion Of The Washer

This happens when the tap has not been used in a while, leading to the washer becoming welded/corroded.

The seat is the main place where corrosion occurs.

It seals the tap and stops water from flowing.

It first reduces the water to trickles before stopping the flow completely.

You may also notice this problem by noticing chatters from the tap.

When the tap starts producing unfamiliar noises such as chattering, it is a sign of a damaged washer.

Possible Fixing Ways

  • Get a new tap/washer since the old one is corroded and ensure proper installation for efficient results.


Leakages prevent water from reaching the endpoint. This causes the tap not to work as effectively as it should.

The pipes could be leaking and hence create low pressure due to constant drips and dents.

Therefore, in the long run, this causes the water flow to stop.

Leaks are the most common cause of failure of tap water coming out.

How To Fix?

  • Carry out pipe fixing by fixing the dents or entirely replacing the pipes with new ones.
  • If the leaks are coming from the primary source of water, the main tank may need to be drained and fixed to stop the leaking.

Low Pressure From The Main Water Source

This is the kind of pressure that cannot pump enough water from the main tank through other taps.

Hence no water comes out the taps.

For instance, if there has been no rain, the main tank taps water from rainwater.

This pressure becomes too low to convey water into the pipes, and it is another reason for outside taps not working.

The main water source becomes the reason for low pressure.

How To Fix It?

  • Regularly check on your main tank to ensure that there is enough water to pump through the pipes to the taps.
  • Refill your tank with water or wait until the rains are back and check if the taps will run water normally.
  • Check if the main water valve is closed as that could be the reason why there’s no water coming out of your faucet.

Jammed And Wrecked Valve

Most outside water taps are simply installed with a one-way valve inside them.

This valve jams sometimes, and hence no water comes out of the tap.

These valves get damaged, especially during the cold weather.

The cold weather might have exerted very high pressure along the supply pipe due to freezing and the expanding ice.

This will automatically lead to jammed up valves.

Possible Fixing Ways

  • This might seem to be a repeated issue in cold weather. There is a way of unfreezing, which is using a hairdryer on the pipe.
  • One can also get a double NRV (non-return valve) fitted and ensure proper installation.
  • Install a winter insulation hood on the outside tap to avoid such repeated occurrences.
  • Open up the tap for the winter to ensure no back-pressure builds up.


Rust is one main reason why taps will suddenly stop working.

Generally, you may notice rust on the outside of the tap and think that the inside is okay.

However, plumbers have concluded that rust from outside shows that it is present in the interior too.

This is a common thing which happens especially on metals when they come in touch with water.

Also, after a long time of use and exposure to the sun, they rust.

This rust leads to wearing out and tearing, leading to blockage.

How To Fix?

  • Rust is permanent, and therefore the best way to fix this problem is by replacing your tap with a new one. By so doing, the tap will work effectively if this was the issue.

Other Taps

This is an important thing to check.

If in your household there are several taps, you should check them up if they are flowing.

This is in a case whereby they are newly installed, and only the outside tap is not working.

If all the other taps are working, then it could be an issue of the tap being faulty.

How To Fix?

  • This is quite unfortunate, and one will have to replace the faulty tap. In most cases, call the plumber who installed the other taps to replace it or your supplier.


Outside water taps have eased the work while gardening or taking care of flowers around houses.

You do not have to carry around watering cans and jerry cans to water your garden.

You only need to connect the water pipes to the outside taps and turn it on.

These are also ideal in a situation where one is too old to lift heavy watering cans. Also, taps are ideal in terms of affordability.

Therefore, proper care and good maintenance practices should be taken on taps to avoid frequent failures.