Best 5 Landscape Rakes For Tractors (Review) – Farmers’ Top Picks

The traditional hand landscaping rake is perfect for a small lawn, but when clearing debris and trash on your farm, you will need a larger rake.

That’s where the landscape rakes for tractors come in.

Unlike the hand rake that you have to push back and forth physically, the landscape rake for tractors is easy to use as you attach it to the back of the tractor and carry on with work.

Landscape rakes are also called “rock rakes” or “root rakes.” If you’re new to landscape rakes for tractors and don’t know which one to choose, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Powder Coated Steel Pine Straw Rake - Gardeners Yards

    Field Tuff Ftf-60psr3pt Pine Straw Rake

  • Motoalliance Impact Implements Cat-0 Landscape Rake - Gardeners Yards

    Motoalliance Impact Implements Cat-0 Landscape Rake

  • Titan Attachments 3 Point 6 FT Landscape Rake - Gardeners Yards

    Titan Attachments 3 Point 6 FT Landscape Rake

  • YINTATECH 3 Point 5 FT Attach Landscape Rock Rake - Gardeners Yards

    YINTATECH 3 Point 5 FT Attach Landscape Rock Rake

  • Agri-fab 45-0366 Ground-engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Gt Rock Rake

    Agri-fab 45-0366 Ground-engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Gt Rock Rake

  • Landscaping rakes reduce the time and energy you could’ve used with a hand rake. These rakes are well-built and can be adjusted to fit different applications.

    You can use them to level the soil, prepare to plant, spread mulch, make gravel paths, and remove debris.

    The landscape rakes also come in different sizes, and that’s why you need to ensure that you pick a rake that will fit on your compact or traditional tractor.

    We managed to compile a list of the best landscape rakes for tractors. These rakes have been approved and do what they say they do.

    Without wasting more time, here are the best landscape rakes for tractors:

    Field Tuff Ftf-60psr3pt Pine Straw Rake

    Powder Coated Steel Pine Straw Rake - Gardeners Yards

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    If you’ve got pine needles on your lawn or garden and want to get rid of them quickly, the Field Tuff FTF-60PSR3PT Pine straw rake will be ideal.

    It will do the job faster than if you could’ve used a hand rake. Also, it covers a larger area and can be utilized to clear other types of debris and trash in your yard.

    What stands out most about the Field Tuff FTF-60PSR 3PT pine straw rake tool is its fantastic coiled spring. The spring delivers great spring action during use.

    However, it cannot handle heavy things like rocks. This is because steel tines are not strong and may bend.

    Product Overview

    The Field Tuff FTF-60PSR3PT pine straw rake is ideal for landscapers who want to rake leaves, small dried branches, grass, and pine needles or straw.

    With a 60-inch working width, this tool will cover a larger area and help you complete your work in the shortest time possible.

    Besides, it is made of robust steel pines that will withstand tough farm conditions. Also, the pines feature a powder coating that prevents the tool from rusting.

    So, even if you use it on a wet farm or yard, it will remain in good shape. Moreover, the coiled steel pines are replaceable, although they can only be bought from the manufacturer and nowhere else.

    Mounting this lightweight but durable rake is easy as it features a 3-point hitch. As a result, it will easily fit on compact tractors.

    However, assembling the 26, 33-inch spring steel tines are cumbersome and time-consuming. So, you will have to be patient as you tighten one-by-one tine onto the frame.

    This one will be perfect if you’ve been looking for an impressive and reliable landscape rake for clearing and gathering light debris and other vegetative trash on your lawn or farm.

    Aside from that, the manufacturer gives you a one-year warranty. Hence, if the rake comes with a defect, you can always have it repaired or replaced within the warranty period.


    • Durable and reliable construction from steel
    • It resists corrosion as it comes with a powder coating
    • Fantastic spring action
    • Easy to mount as it attaches directly to your category one, 3-point hitch
    • It can be used for a variety of tasks on the farm
    • Exceptional working width of 60-inches
    • Replaceable steel tines
    • 1-year limited warranty


    • It is quite cumbersome to assemble the entire rake
    • The packaging is flimsy, and items may be lost or get lost during shipping. So, check and ensure that all parts are intact.
    • Replacing the steel tines is quite expensive

    Motoalliance Impact Implements Cat-0 Landscape Rake

    Motoalliance Impact Implements Cat-0 Landscape Rake - Gardeners Yards

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    The MotoAlliance landscape rake for tractors is among the best rakes for landscapers and farmers. This rake is sturdily constructed to clear different types of debris and trash from the ground. One of the reasons we selected this York rake is its outstanding tall rake tines. With a working width of 50-inches, the tall rake tines will ensure that you perform endless applications on your farm. You can use the rake to thatch lawns, clear brush, prepare the soil for planting, level woodland trails, and even level horse arenas.

    Product Overview

    What’s more, the tool comes with a 5 position angle adjustment from left to right. So, regardless of the size of the debris in question, you can always adjust your rake for efficient clearing.

    Besides, the MotoAlliance Impact Implement landscape rake is sturdily made out of steel. So, the rake tines won’t bend or break easily. And with the powder coating, expect this rake to resist corrosion and last for a very long while.

    On top of that, this rock rake for tractor comes with a heavy-duty stabilizer bar with 8 gauge steel frame. Also, it has an integrated 3 point CAT-0 quick-mount for attaching to the tractor. Mounting this rake won’t take your time as it is easy and fast.

    You should take between 20 to 30 minutes to install it and get started. However, if you have never attached a rake before, this might take longer.

    The steel tines feature a nice gap of 2, 1/8-inches, which is ideal for most clearance tasks on the farm. Weighing 80 pounds, this is a lightweight rake that you shouldn’t have issues mounting on the tractor. Also, you can easily replace the rake tines when they break. Hence, maintaining the rake isn’t a problem at all.

    Generally, the MotoAlliance Impact Implement landscape rake is well-made for its purpose. Also, it is easy to use and can serve different applications on the farm. However, the tool doesn’t come with the 3-point hitch, which will be an added cost to the buyer. Aside from this, this landscape rake is worth investing in.


    • Durable construction as it is made out of steel tines
    • Excellent tine height will pick up lots of debris
    • Rake tines are replaceable
    • Sturdy tine stabilizer bar
    • Outstanding working width to cover larger areas
    • Easy to mount with the 3 point attachment
    • It is versatile as it can be adjusted to five different positions
    • Ideal for attaching to a garden tractor and lawnmower


    • It doesn’t feature the 3-point hitch, which means that you will incur an added cost
    • It is not ideal for reversing

    Titan Attachments 3 Point 6 FT Landscape Rake

    Titan Attachments 3 Point 6 FT Landscape Rake - Gardeners Yards

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    Titan Attachments is one of the most sought-after landscape rake brands on the market.

    The Titan Attachments 3 Point 6 FT Landscape Rake is excellently designed to offer exceptional performance. It features curved C-tines that allow the rake to be pulled or pushed to effectively clear debris, rocks, and trash on the farm. The most exciting feature of the Titan Attachments 3 Point 6 FT Landscape Rake is the curved C-tines.

    As discussed above, the curved C-tines allow the farmer or landscaper to move the rake back and forth. This is not the case with all landscaping rakes, as some can only move forward and not backward.

    Product Overview

    Additionally, the Titan Attachments 3 Point 6 FT Landscape Rake is solidly built with steel tines that can handle all kinds of debris and gravel on the farm. Moreover, it has a durable, adjustable stabilizer bar that allows the user to adjust the rake to suit different applications. You can set the rake to 5 different forward positions.

    This york rake is perfect for seedbed preparation, removal of rock and roots, leveling of the lawn, gravel road grading, clearing debris, maintaining your lot, and much more. With a working width of 60-inches, you can cover a large. Also, the rake works with a horsepower of between 15 and 25.

    However, many users have complained about setting up this sturdy landscape rake for tractors. Even though it comes with a 3-point hitch, many say installing it is somehow cumbersome.

    Apart from that, the Titan Attachments 3 Point 6 FT Landscape Rake is an excellent tool. Use it to clear debris, remove rocks & roots, and level your garden. It is also durable and can be utilized in two ways (forward and reverse raking).


    • Sturdily made out of steel
    • It has an adjustable stabilizer bar
    • It features 5 forward and 5 reverse settings for performing different applications
    • Easy to mount with thee 3-point square tube frame
    • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
    • Excellent working width of 60-inches
    • Straightforward to assemble


    • You may be forced to remove debris that gets stuck in the tight tines constantly
    • Mounting is quite cumbersome and time-consuming

    YINTATECH 3 Point 5 FT Attach Landscape Rock Rake

    YINTATECH 3 Point 5 FT Attach Landscape Rock Rake - Gardeners Yards

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    The YINTATECH 3 Point 5 FT Attach Landscape Rock Rake for compact tractors is one of the best landscaping rakes that you will come across. It is also one of the best landscaping rakes on our list. This tool is well built for all kinds of raking jobs on your lawn, garden, and farm.

    What we liked most about this rock rake is that it swivels 360 degrees. As a result, you can set it at an angle or in a reverse position.

    With such a feature, this landscape rake can tackle many jobs. That’s why it’s very versatile and suitable for people who want to conduct several tasks on their farm.

    Some of the jobs you can use on your lawn include clearing hay from a barn, preparing your garden for planting, breaking up sod clumps, spreading gravel, de-thatching grass, and collecting stones.

    Product Overview

    The YINTATECH 3 Point 5 FT Attach Landscape Rock Rake is also durable as it is made of robust steel. Additionally, the steel tines come with a 1.75-inch spacing, which is a perfect space for collecting debris and stones on your farm.

    The heat-treated tines are not only durable but can also be replaced in case of breakage. Furthermore, installing this landscape rake is slightly challenging as it is heavy. However, it is compact with many tractors as it comes with a 3-point hitch for quick attaching to the tractor.

    Featuring a 60-inch working width, this rake is ideal for clearing debris on both small and large farms.

    Overall, the YINTATECH 3 Point 5 FT Attach Landscape Rock Rake for tractors is durably constructed to perform various tasks. It is also easy to mount and use. With its 360 degrees swivel, you can set it to an angle that works for you best, depending on the work that you’re doing.

    It will help you to manage your yard and ranch properly. And if you ever need replacements parts, they are readily available.


    • Durable construction
    • Heat-treated tines for longevity
    • Tackles a wide range of applications
    • Robust 3-point attachment
    • Good working width of 60-inches
    • Easy to mount
    • Simple to maintain
    • Swivels around 360 degrees for convenient use
    • Removable and replaceable tines


    • It is quite heavy
    • It is quite cumbersome to install

    Agri-fab 45-0366 Ground-engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Gt Rock Rake

    Agri-fab 45-0366 Ground-engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Gt Rock Rake

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    If you want the best landscape tractor rake for the money, you will like the Agri-Fab 45-0366 Ground-Engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch GT rock rake. This landscape rake will give you a professional look you’ve been looking for.

    The most outstanding feature of this York rock is that it can be angled 24 degrees to the left or right. This is a unique feature as not many landscape rakes have it. Angling your rake to the left or right helps you collect debris in one desired area.

    Product Overview

    The Agri-Fab 45-0366 Ground-Engaging Attachment sleeve hitch York rock is robustly constructed to last long. This professional-grade landscape rake is made of steel tines. The sturdy tines won’t bend easily or break. This makes it perfect for re-rocking your driveway and removing rocks in your garden. Also, the tool boasts ¼-inch heat-treated steel tangs spaced for outstanding coverage. These ensure that you collect all the debris on the lawn more effectively and avoid going back and forth.

    Besides, this rock rake is very convenient to use as it can be angled to 24 degrees to the left or the right. This allows users to collect debris from an angle that eases their work. Apart from that, it can rotate 180 degrees for reverse rake action. Hence, you’re not just limited to pushing the rake forward, but you can also use it to push debris in one corner of the farm without getting messy.

    When it comes to assembling this landscape rake, the process is straightforward. However, you will have to purchase a sleeve hitch to start using this rake. Unlike other tractor landscape rakes, it doesn’t feature a 3-point attachment. Note that different tractor models have different needs, and you should get in touch with your manufacturer and find out if they have a ground-engaging hitch.

    Aside from this, you will love this sturdy and reliable landscape rake from Agri-Fab. It is best suited for people who want to clear their garden and prepare it for planting. Unlike some rock rakes, this one will clear and remove almost everything along its way.


    • Robust construction from steel
    • It can be angled 45 degrees to the left or right
    • It can rotate up to 180 degrees for reverse rake action
    • Versatile use
    • Excellent 48-inches working width
    • Small spaces between tines for great performance
    • It is easy to assemble and use


    • It needs a ground-engaging hitch to work
    • It bounces off the ground, especially over small raised areas on your farm

    Our most frequently asked questions on rakes tractors.

    What Is A Tractor Rake?

    Tractor rakes are designed to clear dirt, debris, trash, rocks, soil, and other vegetative debris in the garden. A good number of landscape rakes are 4-ft in width or more.

    Most landscape rakes are attached to the tractor through the 2-point hitch or sleeve. So, it is vital to find out how the rake you want to buy will be attached to your tractor.

    This is because some require special tools.

    What Should I Consider When Buying A Landscape Rake?

    Before buying any landscape rake for your tractor, you need to consider several things.

    First and foremost, you have to know what you intend to use the rake for – Is it for moving debris, preparing your garden, or leveling your lawn?

    Also, you need to check the durability of the rake – Is it made of heavy-duty material that can move rocks, or is the material fragile.

    Another thing to consider is whether the rake is compatible with your tractor or not. Most rakes come with a 3 point attachment suitable for attaching to the tractor.

    The size of the rake also matters as some are small and may not be used for specific applications.

    What Can I Use My Landscape Tractor Rake For?

    A landscaping rake for tractors can be used for a broad range of applications. The main functions include capturing and collecting trash, debris, and rocks.

    However, the device can also be used to prepare seedbeds and level the lawn or soil. Other people use it to spread topsoil materials.

    Additional functions include clearing sand, rocks, and even roots. Some people may also use the landscaping rake in a reverse direction to push debris back.

    As you can see, it is very versatile in operation, and the functions are unlimited.

    What Are The Different Types Of Tractor Rakes On The Market?

    Apart from the landscaping rakes, there are 3 other types of tractor rakes. These are transverse tractor rakes, mulching sweeper rakes, and tractor dethatcher rakes.

    All of these rakes are vital and play different roles in preparing your garden.

    Transverse tractor rake – this type of rake is usually used to pile together hay and other debris on land. This is with the help of the middle section of the transverse rake.

    The section is 6-meter wide. The unit collects the hay into swaths and then into piles.

    Mulching sweeper rake – this rake is usually connected to the mowing deck instead of the tractor’s hitch.

    It works by cutting small leaves, sticks, and other vegetative debris into tiny pieces. The pieces are then thrown to the side-discharge section of the tractor.

    Later on, they are sucked up by a secure vacuum attachment and then placed into a container connected to the tractor’s back.

    Dethatcher rake – this rake works differently from the other three types.

    It is created to cut through mats of old trimmings of grass and decaying roots and stems that are discovered in the soil close to the grass stems. Besides, this rake can also be utilized as a garden aerator.

    Which Landscape Tractor Tines Should I Go For – Aluminium Or Steel Tines?

    Both aluminum and steel are two suitable materials compared to wood or bamboo landscape rakes.

    However, aluminum limits what you can do while steel doesn’t.

    Also, most steel tines are durable and don’t rust. On the other hand, aluminum tines can bend if used to clear slightly large rocks.

    But if you intend to perform light duties like clearing leaves or dried stems in your garden, then aluminum will be an excellent choice.


    With so many brands and models of landscaping rakes for tractors, you need to identify one that meets your needs and budget. As seen from our review, landscaping rakes come in various styles, designs, and sizes. Therefore, it is vital to identify a landscape rake that can perform the work you want.

    The landscape rakes that we’ve chosen are some of the best with fantastic features. They are durably constructed to last long and can be used for a variety of applications. However, they also differ in many ways, and that’s why you have to make the right choice if you want to have an easy time preparing your seedbed, spreading rocks, moving debris, and much more.

    Take your time and select the right landscaping rake for tractors, as this is a tool that you will be using for a long while. We wish you all the best in this quest.

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