Meet Our Team

Lydia Beaumont is a go-to expert in interior design, known for her knack for stylish table settings, blending houseplants seamlessly with home decor, and designing inviting outdoor spaces. She has a real talent for making spaces look stunning while keeping them comfortable and livable. Lydia's creative touch brings a fresh and vibrant feel to any room or garden she works on.
Deborah, the Senior Editor at Gardeners Yards, comes from the 'Golden Valley' of Herefordshire, UK, where where she honed her passion for gardening, especially herbs, and gained experience in managing a small holding and developing meadow gardens….
Meet Sebastian Avila, our featured writer and expert gardener, whose green journey began in the intimate spaces of home gardening. With a natural flair for designing container arrangements, Sebastian initially catered to a niche clientele, transforming their spaces with his botanical artistry...
Kyle Malcom is the production manager at one UK’s leading plant nursery, he specialises in growing trees, shrubs, herbaceous and ferns and has specialist technical knowledge of pests and diseases. A keen advocate for bringing youth into horticulture, he sits on the committee for the Young People in Horticulture Association.