Succulent planter display ideas & care products


Organic Indoor House Plant Fertilizer

Supports plant nutrition and health for greener foliage, fuller blooms and larger growth. With essential nutrients and vitamins from root to shoot. Scented with Rosemary Oil.

Ceramic Succulent Pot Planter with Drainage Hole

These small succulent pots come with a drainage hole at the bottom, which can drain the excess water to prevent over-watering and keep your plants healthy growing.

Succulent/Cactus Planter Pots

New collections!Ideal for adding a dash of refreshingly modern design to your home,Great Gift – this ceramic pot can serve a variety of purposes. Perfect gift for family and friends who love succulent plants with a green thumb or keep it in your own home for a touch of clean, modern style in your living space.

Plant Mister Spray Bottle

This plant sprayer mister is perfect for houseplants like succulents, air plants, terrariums, orchids, and seedlings. It’s a perfect mini antique house mister!

Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative White Bean Pebbles

MULTIPLE USES: Fairy gardens, flower arrangements, succulent containers, and potted plants.

Succulent and Cactus Plant Food

Succulent fertilizer provides the balanced nutrient needs of your succulents including cacti, jade, aloe vera, and all other succulents.

Miracle-Gro Succulent Potting Mix

Created for those who love growing succulents as much as we do, Miracle-Gro Succulent Potting Mix contains the nutrients succulents need to thrive.

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