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Arber Fresh Cut Flower Food

A Must for Flower Lovers: Whether a professional gardener, florist, or you simply enjoy adding a fresh vibe to your interior decor with freshly cut flower arrangements, the ARBER flower food for fresh cut flowers is an excellent choice for extending the life of your plants!

Garden Flower Scissors

Ideal for flower pruning: The pruning diameter of this garden shears can reach 8mm / 0.32in, it can be used for flower arrangement, flower art, potted landscape or some other garden work.

White Floral Tape for Bouquet Stem Wrap

White traceless floral tapes are made of clear PET material with high-quality adhesive attached, easy to see through during flower arrangement, stick well, and don’t leave any nasty residue. Transparent floral tapes have good light transmittance, and won’t block the light. Your plants can grow more healthily.

White Modern Geometric Decorative Flowers Vases

White ceramic vase, handmade craftsmanship, high-quality ceramic materials are healthy and environmentally friendly, the simple and unique vase is a beautiful scenery, placed at home, giving people a warm and warm feeling, decorating different scenes, showing your taste.

Max Shape Round Floral Foam Blocks

The florist foams are made of styrofoam,soft,odorless and durable,easy to absorb water to keep your fresh cut flower hydrated and last longer.Floral arrangement supplies for flosist and flower lovers.

Rose Thorn Remover

Our rose thorn remover is made of ABS and iron material, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness. No more struggling with flimsy tools or painful thorn removal, you can enjoy thorn-free roses for seasons to come.

BEADNOVA Floral Wire

Made in good quality wire, our paddle is pliable but still holds its shape quite well. Light floral wire itself but holds decent weight. It is flexible but do not snap easily, convenient to use for craft and flower arrangements.

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