What Kind Of Trees Have White Flowers In The Spring?

During spring, you see trees that have white flowers everywhere.

This is always a beautiful sight, especially if there is more than one tree blooming with white flowers. The problem that many have is they don’t know what trees they can plant that will bloom white flowers during spring. Or, that will bloom white flowers during any season for that matter.

This guide aims to give you some ideas about trees that you can plant that will have the most beautiful white flowers during spring.

Why Do People Like Trees With White Flowers?

Why are the white flower trees always so popular?

From early spring to summer, you will see trees with white or light pink flowers everywhere you look. There is just something beautiful about them. So clean, fresh, and pure. It inspires many people to plant trees with white flowers in their gardens.

Some of these flowers smell delicious or is a great way to ensure that insects are getting enough nectar. These are just some of the reasons why people want to buy and plant trees with white flowers.

The problem is that they don’t always know what trees they actually can plant.

The Best And Most Popular White Flower Trees During Spring

What trees are recommended to plant if you are looking for white flowers during spring and early summer? The good news is that there are many different trees that you can plant that will give you small to medium size white flowers.

These are the most popular and best trees to plant that will bloom white during spring.

California Buckeye

One of the most popular fringe tree that are flowing white during spring is the California Buckeye. Usually, these trees are growing in the wild, but people are also buying and planting it in their gardens and parks. The reason why these trees are popular is that they are known to harden.

This means that they can grow in difficult conditions like drought or heavy rainfall.

Yoshino Cherry

Another popular white flower tree is the Yoshino Cherry tree.

A tree that is flowering during late spring, early summer. The tree usually is fast growing tree, 25 to 40 feet high and 20 to 30 feet wide. This makes it great shade during the hot summer months. When you are considering planting this tree, you need to be careful.

Some of the cultivars have light pink flowers instead of white ones.

Japanese Crape Myrtle

The Japanese Crape Myrtle is a beautiful reddish-dark bark with white flowers that bloom during spring. That’s one of the reasons why these trees are so popular. The white flowers against the red bark are making a beautiful and unique picture.

The tree normally grows about 20 to 30 feet high and 10 to 15 feet wide. There are different cultivars available, and they are equally popular.

Early Spring Trees That Bloom With White Flowers

Some trees you will only find blooming early spring. During late spring and early summer, they don’t bloom anymore, and you will need to wait a whole year to see the white flowers again. If you are looking for a tree that only blooms during early spring, you can plant any of them.

Star Magnolias

You know that spring is here when your star magnolias are flowering. It gets both its common and scientific names from the star-like shape of its white flowers. There are many different cultivars available, but they are all blooming in white or light pink. And, they are only flowering in early spring in March or April.

The spring blooming of lightly fragrant flowers is preceded by fuzzy, pussywillow-like buds. True beauty, especially if the tree is large and full of white flowers. It produces bright pink seed pods later in the season.

Early in the fall, it produces fruits with seeds that are a brilliant orange color.

Chickasaw Wild Plum

A tree that you will see blooming white flowers during early spring. Around a small trunk, chickasaw plums grow as a rounded mass of thin, thorny branches. Although they can reach heights of up to 25 feet, most of the time they are in the 6- to 12-foot range. However, this isn’t a tree that you can buy and plant at home.

They are growing wild and need specific soil to grow successfully. The USDA hardiness zones 5- to 9 are suitable for the native Florida and a few other states chickasaw plum. It is still a beautiful tree with white flowers blooming in early spring that you can admire even if this is only from a distance.

White Flowering Trees That Bloom During Wintertime

Did you know that some trees are flowering during winter as well? This is good news to those that love white flowering trees so much that they want these flowers throughout the year.

There might not be many of the trees that will flower during the winter, especially white flowers, but there are a couple that you can choose from.

Japanese Loquat

The adaptable tree, which is originally from China, has widely dispersed throughout the world and has naturalized in almost 30 nations, including the United States. This is more than just another white flower tree.

It is a unique tree that will bloom during winter. An evergreen tree with white flowers during fall and early winter. The flowers will change from late winter to early spring. It is a hardened tree that can grow under challenging circumstances. You can plant this tree anywhere, and it will grow successfully. The loquat has proven to be resilient and adaptable by how far it has spread.

The common characteristic among trees is that they all prefer climates with moderate annual precipitation, with sporadic periods of drought, mild to warm summers, and cool to cold winters.

White Floss Silk Tree

The white floss silk tree. Yes, this tree has small, white silk-like flowers that are blooming during winter. It’s an evergreen tree that will ensure that you always have greenery in your garden. The one thing that you need to make sure about is the type of white floss silk tree you are planting.

Some of these trees have pale yellow flowers instead of white flowers.


An important thing to ensure is that you know your trees and know which ones will bloom white during spring. Some trees will also bloom white flowers during winter.

With the information provided above, you get to know some of the best trees you can plant that bloom with white flowers.

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