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Are Grass Clippings Good For Your Chickens?

It is natural to find your chicken feeding on the grass in your lawn.

Their omnivorous nature makes them able to see insects in the grass and eat.

However, excessive of this is disastrous and can cause overgrazing.

A red wheelbarrow on a lawn with fresh grass clippings in summer.

Their mowing skills are on another level, but they won’t do it uniformly, so you better watch out!

This is also an exercise to ensure they don’t stay stagnant in their coop.

They can also take their regular baths in the sand in the open environment that helps energize them.

But are grass clippings good for your chickens?.

Benefits Of Grass Clippings For Chickens

1. Eggs Become More Nutritious

Chicken tends to feast on any green material that they find on their way.

If you allow your chicken to roam around and eat the green clippings or plants all over, their eggs tend to be more nutritious.

This makes the eggs have less cholesterol, less saturated fat, more vitamin A, Omega, and Vitamin E.

Foraging helps to increase the number of nutrients the chicken can get.

You can also make your forage by a blend of grass and legumes that are nutritious.

2. Fertilize Your Lawn

Another advantage of your chicken feeding on grass is that they will fertilize your lawn with their wastes.

When feeding, they will scatter around your lawn and eat the grass all over, spreading their wastes uniformly.

Even when in search of insects, it will help your lawn be more presentable.

Thus, even when you decide to clean the whole area and plant new grass variety, be assured of proper growth.

However, as the growth continues, create a barrier for the chicken to ensure they do not deter with the young plants.

3. Easy Disposal Of Grass Clippings

The fact that grass clippings can be used as chicken beddings makes it easier to dispose of it.

However, you will need to ensure it dries fast.

Regardless of that, when chickens feed on your lawn, they help reduce the size of the grass there and ensure it looks neat.

However, if you have a large number of chicken, it might turn to a disaster leaving your compound looking unpleasant.

4. Keeping The Chicken Busy

Chickens love to loiter around looking for insects to feed on, and this helps them to remain busy.

If you have cut your lawn leaving the grass clippings around, they can keep them busy as long as they aren’t that long.

This can easily choke the chicken as they love swallowing things while whole.

5. A Fun Activity For The Chicken

You don’t necessarily have to allow your chicken to the lawn all the time.

You can also be cutting the grass and providing to the chicken as a pile.

They will scratch it apart and the feast of the grass clippings and insects in a pile. This is a fun activity that chicken love.

In as much as you feed them with the clippings, also provide the recommended commercial mash to provide a balanced diet for them.

Can I Use Grass Clippings For Chicken Bedding?

The kind of bedding you choose for your chicken depends on the particular situation.

Beddings make a secure foundation for the chickens’ legs and feet. This provides a soft landing for the eggs and gathers droppings.

You can choose to use wood shavings, grass clippings, sand, dry grass, leaves, hay, and shredded paper.

However, with minimal knowledge, you will go wrong in finding the most suitable bedding.

Before deciding on the best bedding for your chicken, consider the stage of the chicken, the number of chicken, weather conditions, and maintenance budget.

How To Use Grass Clippings For Chicken Bedding?

Have you recently mowed your lawn and looking for a place to dispose of that? Why not use as bedding in your chicken’s coop.

You can be assured that they will make proper beddings for your chicken.

However, before using as bedding, ensure it has dried off first under direct sunlight.

While on this, flip it a couple of times during the day to ensure it dries off all over.

Besides, you can use it together with other beddings. It can also be used with the deep litter method.

Also, before you use the grass clippings, ensure it isn’t from a farm that had recently been spread with any pesticide or other chemicals.

Why Should You Use Grass Clipping As Bedding?

  • It is easy to access and is averagely absorbent.
  • It is cheap to acquire.
  • Your chickens won’t be prone to any kind of disease and provide comfort.
  • They are also readily- available, and you won’t have to outsource outside.

The Downsides Of Using Grass Clippings For Bedding

  • They also tend to dry, shrink, and smell if it hasn’t dried well. This calls for high maintenance to ensure they don’t affect your chicken’s health and productivity.
  • It also is high on nitrogen, and because it doesn’t provide a carbon-nitrogen mix, it won’t foster beneficial bacterial and composting.
  • The coop can become stinky too. A smelly environment will also make the whole area to be unpleasant to live in.


You have to consider that even though grass clippings are healthy when giving the chicken, ensure they are not that large.

However much, grass clippings can be used as beddings and can also be eaten by the chicken.

You have to realize that when they eat the grass from the lawn, they eat a small amount at a time.

If they eat long ones at once, they might overeat, and the long fibrous stands can get into the digestive system and cause a blockage.