Best 6 Koi Pond Decorations – The Most Beautiful Choices

9 April 2020

Koi ponds are always visually striking. But did you know you can add your personal touch to the pond?

Yes, the combination of natural elegance, the colorful flowing water, the beautiful landscaping, and the fantastic decorations!

There are several great ideas you can apply to your koi pond to create a unique one with a personal taste.

Best Koi Pond Decorations

There are plenty of koi pond decorations in the market. We have selected the best of them that you can use on your pond.

They include decors to use all around your koi fish pond, such as floating decors, pond spitter statues, artificial pond plants, and pond lighting.

Read on to find out more about these excellent koi pond designs.

Best Overall

Solar-powered Turtles On Log Decoration

This is one of the solar-powered decorations you can use to add charm to your space. It produces a welcoming amber glow during the night.

You can position it anywhere around your pond. Apart from placing it around your pond, you can also use it in your backyard or patio.

It is 1.4 pounds heavy, measuring 9.4 by 5.3 by 3.3 inches.

What We Liked About This Product

One unique thing about this product is its ability to provide safe lighting. It offers continuous lighting but remains calm.

This means you can leave them wherever you want without worrying about your kids or pets. They can touch the surface with no risk of burns.

Product Overview

Solar-powered turtles on log statues contain various marvelous features. The figure is coated using ultra-tough poly-resin material.

This sturdy material gives this statue several advantages over other kinds of decorations. It makes this statue resistant to harsh weather conditions.

It is also dust and waterproof, protecting the ornament from being destroyed by rain or snow.

The statue is powered by solar. You will not require an electricity source cutting down power costs. Most individuals incur extra costs buying lights to illuminate their ponds at night.

This statue allows you to enjoy looking at the glowing amber light at night and cut costs on buying excess lights for your pond.

This product comes with an overpowering 300mAh 1 x AA battery. The solar panel charges it correctly, even when the quality of light is low.

When charged fully, it can provide up to 8 hours of lighting. The battery takes 5 hours only of daylight to charge fully.

This ornament also has a built-in photocell. This is a great feature that does all the work for you. You don’t need to worry about turning it on or off every day.

It operates on a fully automatic basis. When darks start chipping in, the photocell automatically turns the turtle statues on.

As the dark paves the way for the day, with the first light, the photocell again automatically turns the figures off. This is not just for a day but every day.

Last but not least, on this product, you can install it easily thanks to its wireless feature.

Right from making your purchase right to your koi pond, you can position any point that you like.


  • It is environment friendly
  • Has a fully automatic operation
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions hence lasting long
  • Require no expertise to install it in your favorite position
  • Pocket friendly. It’s 100% solar-powered.
  • Cool to touch even after glowing for extended boosting safety to family members and pets.


  • Takes time when charge the batteries for the first time.


This is a lovely decoration you can have around your koi pond. You will probably love its automatic operation if you are the kind of person who is forgetful at a time.

You will also like it, especially if you have kids and pets around the compound. It is safe and will save you money.

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Garden Sculptures & Statues, Koi Fish Decor

What We Liked Most About This Product

The set of 2 large ceramic bronze koi fish offers an elegant and attractive design that enhances the beauty of any garden or home setting. The unique feature of glowing at night adds a dreamy, magical touch to the garden.

Product Overview

These koi fish sculptures are made of durable resin and are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, thanks to their waterproof paint. Measuring 10.6×5.5×4 inches and equipped with iron rods, they are easy to install in any desired location.


  • It has an elegant, antique design with an attractive bronze color.
  • Waterproof and durable, ideal for long-term outdoor use.
  • The night glow feature creates a charming atmosphere in the garden.
  • Versatile placement options, suitable for both garden and indoor decoration.
  • Easy installation with no tools required.


  • Limited to a specific aesthetic that may not suit all garden designs.
  • The glow feature’s effectiveness may vary based on sunlight exposure.

These koi fish statues are a fantastic choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance and whimsy to their garden or home, especially appealing to those who enjoy marine-themed decorations.

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Aquascape Alligator Fountain Spitter

Aquascape alligator fountain spitter is one of the best spitters you can add to your partner. It creates one of the most beautiful sceneries in your space.

Apart from using it to create charm in your pond, you can also use this spitter for decoration purposes, even in your garden, landscaping, and water features.

The product weighs 11.4 pounds. It measures 12 by 22 by 14 inches.

What We Liked About The Product

The best thing about this product is the material used in its making. The Aquascape alligator fountain spitter is made from high-quality poly resin. This feature increases its durability.

This is because of its ability to withstand UV and heat exposure.

Product Overview

This spitter is coated with brass, giving it a fine texture, shape, and exceptional look. This makes this spitter one of the best choices for pond decorations.

The brass coating also increases its life since it is a durable material that will withstand the harsh outside environment.

The alligator spitter periodically drops water from its mouth as it produces a relaxing sweet melody of falling water.

It creates a beautiful environment where you will always like to be. This feature is a great one, especially for children.

If you have one in the compound, you amaze them as they sit, wondering about animals spitting steady water all day.

This spitter is lightweight, weighing 11.4 pounds only. You will find it easy to install it by yourself.

If you wonder how it maintains a steady water flow, it’s time to learn.

The product comes with a 180-gallon-per-hour water pump that produces a fountain measuring a length of 19 inches and 12 inches high.

It is easy to install. You will not need to crack your mind thinking of getting the right pump for your spitter.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • You can install it easily
  • Can resist UV and heat
  • Keep the water moving, discouraging mosquito breeding


  • This may not be the right spitter for individuals who prefer more color in their koi pond.


Aquascape alligator fountain spitters can turn out to do multiple jobs for you.

A few individuals will go for this product to keep the water in their pond, moving to discourage mosquito breeding. Others will simply see a decorating item to match the pond environment.

Whatever the reason, this product will give you more than you expect in your koi pond.

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TOETOL Zen Garden Asian Buddha Statue

What We Liked Most About This Product

The TOETOL Zen Garden Asian Buddha Statue stands out with its serene and meditative design. It offers a sense of tranquility and peace, perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in any outdoor or indoor space.

Product Overview

Crafted from high-quality magnesium oxide with a gray stone finish, this statue is durable and weather-resistant, suitable for all climates. Measuring 20 inches in height, it is a substantial piece that adds a spiritual and Zen-like quality to gardens, patios, or indoor settings.


  • High-quality, durable material suited for various weather conditions.
  • The serene design promotes tranquility and calmness.
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Versatile as a home decoration or a thoughtful gift.


  • Limited to a specific cultural aesthetic that may not blend with all decor styles.
  • The gray stone finish might require maintenance to retain its appearance over time.

This Buddha statue is ideal for those seeking to infuse their living spaces with a Zen-like, calming presence, making it a great addition to gardens, meditation spaces, or a focal point in a room.

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Zeckos Frog On Lily Pad Pond Ornament

Zeckos Frog on Lily Pad Floating Pool or Pond Ornament koi pond decoration

Going for a free ornament is another excellent decoration idea. The floating frog on water lily from Zeckos measures 8 by 8.5 by 3.5 inches.

These kinds of ornaments are designed to float on the water. Their skilled making leaves them looking like true nature. However, they have a pond with fewer pond plants.

What We Liked About This Product

It is cast in non-toxic resin. This was what we found interesting about Zecko’s frog on the lily pad pond ornament.

This feature means this product will be eco-friendly for your pond life.

Product Overview

Zecko’s frog on lily pad pond ornament can look like a simple décor, but it is made skillfully to match well with most pond decorations.

It is hand-painted with a perfectly textured finish.

The free ornament is significant, almost the same size as that of an actual bullfrog. Fish can find a new place to hide whenever they want to.

Despite the size, it is lightweight and floats on your pond.

Most people may not like frogs, but you will be stunned by this near-to-real pond ornament.

It is a fantastic addition to your pond to break the monotony of a dry water surface.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is ecofriendly


  • Although you can position this decoration anywhere around your pond, it is most suited to be placed on water.


This pond decoration is designed and purposed for floating on the pond. It will break the monotony on the water as it rides the current around your koi pond.

Remember to use a few floating ornaments on your koi pond to avoid damaging plants.

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PLANTATOREM Meditation Frog Garden Figurines Review

PLANTATOREM Meditation Frog Garden Figurines Outdoor Ceramic Decor

What We Liked Most About This Product

PLANTATOREM’s Meditation Frog Garden Figurines combines the essence of peace and tranquility with exquisite craftsmanship. Ideal for those who appreciate both art and nature, these figurines elevate any outdoor space.

Product Overview

Crafted by a brand with over four decades in the ceramic industry, these figurines are more than just garden decor. They represent a fusion of luxury and artistry. The 18.5-inch ceramic frog statue, handcrafted and fired at high temperatures for durability, makes a striking addition to any garden, patio, or porch.


  • Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Elegant design is suitable for various settings.
  • Durable, high-quality materials.
  • Professional after-sales service and satisfaction guarantee.


  • The sophisticated design may not appeal to all aesthetic preferences.
  • Premium craftsmanship might reflect a higher price point compared to standard garden decor.

Ideal for those seeking to add a touch of elegance and serenity to their outdoor or indoor spaces, the PLANTATOREM Meditation Frog Garden Figurine is a testament to refined aesthetics and high-end craftsmanship.

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Koi Pond Decorations – FAQs

What Difference Do Products Have When They Look The Same Exactly, But One Is Almost Half The Price?

You can say that the products cannot appear to be the same since the cost is different, but more has to do with this.

Koi pond decorations contain a variety of products. They are all made uniquely and by different manufacturers.

In most cases, the material used in making a product, its functionality, and its aesthetic value affect the cost of the particular product.

Can You Use Any Koi Pond Decoration By Submerging It Into The Water?

In some cases, you may prefer to try out some products on how they look from inside water.

Sometimes the product may also accidentally get submerged in the water, and you remain to wonder if the product will survive.

Not all koi decoration products go well with water. Some may be destroyed; for example, submerging the solar-powered turtles in log decoration in the water may ruin their batteries. Most products come with manuals.

How Do Koi Pond Decoration Products Work?

This is a common question regarding most koi pond decorations in particular.

Luckily, most of these products come with example pictures of where or how you can position your ornament. It is better if we follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for better results.

For instance, if a decoration is meant for floating on the pond, that could be its perfect place.

If you try to submerge it in water, you may destroy it. Most koi pond decorations require no expertise to install, just check on your favorite place to position and place it there.

Is The Koi Pond Decoration Right In Fresh Or Saltwater Or Brackish Water?

It is essential to know where your decoration will most suit to ensure the durability of your ornament.

In most cases, the suitability of using a particular decoration on sure water is based on whether the decoration can withstand rust.

It can also be found that powered decorations may react with salty water posing a risk to the user and the pond life.

If it is not indicated, check whether your product is rust or water-resistant. Most water-resistant and rust-resistant products will do well in both salt and freshwater.

Can You Blend Different Koi Pond Decorations?

Yes. Consider their matching. If you end up with a mixture irritating rather than creating charm on your pond, opt for simplicity.

Take weight on the colors of the decorations to blend.

Final Verdict

You can simply make your koi pond into anything that you want. With the above incredible decorations, you can try each until you find what works best for you.

Remember that various decoration ideas range from pond ornaments to pond spitter statues made for you.

Ensure that you go for smooth rounded decorations if you are going to use them in water or on the water to prevent injury to the fish.

You can also do regular checks to see if there are fallen sharp objects that could cause damage to the fish.

Above all, the best koi pond decorations are meant to change your place and environment. Choose what paints your world to the best!

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