Best pH Meters For Hydroponics Reviews – Why Gardeners Love Them?

17 December 2019

There are many PH meters in the market, and knowing the right one to buy is paramount because there are many low-quality meters.

It is essential to know what the PH meter is used for before we proceed:

Best pH Meters For Hydroponics - Gardeners Yards

The PH meter is a scientific tool used to test the activity of hydrogen-ion in a water/soil, to measure alkalinity or acidity.


If you are looking forward to getting a PH meter for your hydroponics farming, it is safe to pick it up from one of the PH meters listed below. PH meters come in varieties; some types help test the quality of nutrients in the soil, while some show the actual amount of nutrients in cultured hydroponic plants.

PH meters used for solutions like this contain a polypropylene probe, a high-quality temperature sensor, and a textile connection all combined in one.

However, the PH meters we have listed below are handy to have a firm grip, portable to pocket, and can measure growth maintenance. They work with any kind of solution, which makes them a really good choice:

  1. Monguaconn Bluelab Guardian
  2. MeterBlue Monitor Guardian
  3. The Meter HanaGrowline
  4. Blue Lab Meter
  5. Combo Bluelab Meter
  6. HanaGroLine Meter

Besides, we assure you of getting detailed information about each meter. This will help you find the best PH meter you need for your solution, environment or soil.

1) Bluelab MONGUACONIN Guardian Monitor

Bluelab MONGUACONIN Guardian Monitor Connect in-Line - Gardeners Yards

This is a PH meter for indoor plant cultivation or plant germination. This is the best PH meter for you if you need to monitor breeding media in your grow room. That’s because the breeding media is what shows if your plant receives the required nutrients.

PH meter helps to determine this because it contains a high level of hydrogen ions which instigate or halt nutrients absorption.

What does Monguaconn Bluelab Guardian do?

This PH meter measures many parameters in one. It gives you a precise reading of temperature, PH, and container conductivity.

It has a monitor that follows the reading as the parameter changes. These parameters tell you whether to add more nutrients or to decrease some factors in the solution. 

It features high humidity tolerance because it is waterproof. You will also enjoy a decent memory, which stores the reading when there is a power failure.

PH meters with monitors are quite popular in the market. Looking for them is usually strenuous, and you might eventually not get the best one. This Monguaconn Bluelab Guardian is durable, scintillating and worth every penny you will spend on it.

It can be mounted on your grow room support bar while it starts reading. Growers set up this PH meter by placing it in a container/pot while setting the water level, temperature or PH in a hydroponic solution.

During the plant germination, this meter allows you to set alarm whenever your readings escalate beyond a particular figure. Most PH meters don’t have this feature.

You can’t make a mistake with this meter as far as it is inside the smart pot/container used in hydroponics. This PH meter gives you the exact parameter readings whether you use it for outdoor farm, hydroponic grow room or laboratory.  The quality is top-notch, it saves time and helps you to know when to add or decrease additives.



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2) Bluelab BLU27100 Guardian Monitor

Bluelab BLU27100 Guardian Monitor for Plant Germination - Gardeners Yards

This PH meter was rigorously tested and is trusted by the customers. It can read PH, TDS, EC, PPM, and temperature.

This meter is suitable for beginners because it is affordable and simple to use. It measures the three significant parameters (temperature, PH, conductivity) that help plants to thrive.

A lot of farmers love this because it can give the precise measurement of PH, TDS, EC, PPM, and temperature at once. Laboratory scientists also enjoy using this PH meter.

It also has a quality glass probe that is usually placed on a wall or a grip stand. Growers attest to the fact that it reads the hydroponic setup environment, while it regulates temperature and soil PH.

This will help detect high or low temperature around your plant and it also tells you the exact information about nutrients your plant is absorbing.

It enables tracking of grow room hydroponic plants all year round. It also has a blinking screen that tells you about any new development in the setup.

The blinking light is useful because it gives an emergency report on corrections that should be made swiftly. The PH meter EC/ppm value is 500/700/TDS/CF. They can also be called a growth PH because it monitors the growth of plants in hydroponic solution.



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3) Hanna GroLine PH/EC/TDS/Temperature Monitor

Hanna Groline PH Monitor with Multiparameter Probe - Gardeners Yards

This is a water-resistant meter that reads TDS, temperature, and PH. It also helps to determine the growth medium while giving the precise value of soluble liquids and electrical conductivity.

Farmers and scientists love to use this device because it, supports the greenhouse, aids the nursery stage of plants and is hydroponics-friendly.

Hana GroLine comes with a calibration that ensures the efficiency of the meter. It is one of the few meters that possess an automatic temperature counter (ATC) that measures the parameters automatically.

This device also has a screen guide and calibration guides which simplify the way it is used. In addition to the awesome features is the alarm system. This alarm will only sound if there is inaccuracy in readings or if the cell 9V (battery) of the meter is low.

Some of the features you see in meter Hana GroLine are a DIN connector, cable of 1m length, a cleaning solution, a manual guide, and the meter works whenever you calibrate it. If your hydroponic solution is not currently set up, you can shut down the PH meter, and it will still maintain the same battery charge percentage before you off it.

It has a big span for measurement, it temperature measurement ranges from 0.0 to 60-degree Celsius, the PH measurement is within 0.0 to 14.0, it reads EC within 0.00 to 4.00 mS/cm while it measures TDS within the ranges of 0 to 1999 PPM on a resolution of 1 PPM.

Meter from Hana GroLine has a resolution of 0.1, measures hydroponics, aquaponics, and greenhouses nutrients accurately.

It is one of the few devices that have three electrodes combined. The electrodes have integrated temperature, polypropylene body, and connected textiles.

Unlike most PH meters where you can’t be sure if the probe is working or not, it has a feature that tells you if the probe is functional or not.



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4) Bluelab CONTPH pH Controller with Hands-Free Monitoring

Bluelab CONTPH pH Controller with Hands Free Monitoring and Dosing of Solution - Gardeners Yards

This PH meter ensures stable measurement of solutions in a hydroponic system. The readings of this device are very reliable with an accuracy of ± 0.01 pH.

It has advanced digital technology, three combined electrodes, swift parameter measurement, and PH with capacity ranges from 0 to 14.4.

Bluelab mete has water, dust, spray proof structure which qualifies it to be used in any location.

It can also be called a smart device that is fully is digital. The temperature readings range between 0 and 100° C within minor or major measurement methods.

It has combined 201T-F 3-u-1 electrodes for PH that digitally builds this equipment. This meter concurrently measures temperature and PH in a hydroponic setup.

This device has pre-mixed PH calibration of 10.01, 7.00 and 4.00. The electrode used in the meter blue lab is guaranteed for six months while the meter has two years of warranty. Most beginners use this tool because it is affordable and simple to use.

The calibration is usually installed afresh. If the meter is not in use for months, you will also need to rerun the PH meter calibration if you use it to test a hydroponic solution.



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5) Bluelab Combo Meter Plus – Digital Hydroponic Nutrient and pH Meter

Bluelab Combo Meter Plus - Handheld Digital Hydroponic Nutrient and pH Meter - Gardeners Yards

PH meter users believe it is one of the world’s best at the moment because of its ability to measure centrifugal force, PH, pressure, and temperature.

 It is primarily for hydroponic germination stage with EC and pressure reading ranges from 500PPM to 700PPM, this meter has a dependable calibration indicator.

Unlike other tools where recalibration is needed before use, this meter is automatically calibrated. Hydroponic users enjoy using this PH meter for measuring conductivity, PH, centrifugal forces, temperature or pressure. It is user-friendly even for the beginner.

Combo Bluelab Meter comes with a double joint extra PH probe. It is a featherweight, handy, it last longer when charged due to its automatic power on/off feature. This meter is reliable for direct soil testing, but you must ensure the probe is sterilized before use.



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6) GroLine Hydroponic Waterproof Portable Meter

GroLine Hydroponic Waterproof pH Portable Meter - Gardeners Yards

Though this PH meter is pricey compared to others, it gives a larger PH range of 2 to 14. This is a special tool because it floats if you insert it into a hydroponic solution.

It is water/dustproof and has digital temperature and PH measurements. Also, Hana GroLine Meter has a touch screen with a built-in sensor for temperature.

It also features good calibration for measuring conductivity and PH. The calibration of this device is swift, while it also monitors the health and performance of your plant in a hydroponic solution to ensure optimal growth.

This is one of the few PH meters that assures over 400 hours of battery life if fully charged, though it is programmed to shut down in eight minutes if not in use.

It comes with one probe that is unbreakable, it is made of around steel and can’t be bend or broken.

Moreover, there is an extra PH probe with an electrode removal and notification light that shows the battery is fully charged. It comes with a two-level LCD display.

This PH meter is specially made for hydroponic users to simplify the way they test their nutrients while it gives precise parameter readings.



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use a PH meter in harsh conditions?

It depends. There are PH meters you can use in harsh environments, while there are some that can’t be used in such an environment. Check the above reviews for the meter best for you.

How do I repair the PH meter in case they are damaged?

PH meters come with a user manual that explains basic things to do if it is faulty.

What should I look out for in a good PH for hydroponics?

Ensure the PH has a gradient of 0 to 14, it should be waterproof, and it should also have at least six months warranty.

To Sum It Up

The days where analog PH meters are used to measure nutrient solution are gone. The PH meters above are digital tools that measure accurately. These meters can control the soil temperature, they help control the PH of the soil, and you are guaranteed of having your set up environment measured by the PH meter. There are other features that have made the above PH the best you can find anyone at the moment.

Additional features common to them are lightweight, most of the PH meters are water-resistant with the capability to stand the humidity of the growing environment. This set of PH meters is simple to operate with little or no technicality, they also have a big screen to view the readings, and they are durable.

The hydroponic farming system is different from the traditional farming system. That is why you need the PH meter to give you details of activities happening in your solution. It is frustrating to see your plants not do well due to sickly plants which ailment would have been detected by a scientific tool like the PH meter.

Ensure you keep your PH meter in the right location as prescribed in the manual. Happy gardening!

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