Best pH Meters For Hydroponics Reviews – Why Gardeners Love Them?

Best pH Meters For Hydroponics - Gardeners Yards

There are many PH meters in the market, and knowing the right one to buy is paramount because there are many low-quality meters.

It is essential to know what the PH meter is used for before we proceed:

The PH meter is a scientific tool used to test the activity of hydrogen ions in a water/soil, to measure alkalinity or acidity.


If you are looking forward to getting a PH meter for your hydroponics farming, it is safe to pick it up from one of the PH meters listed below. PH meters come in varieties; some types help test the quality of nutrients in the soil, while some show the actual amount of nutrients in cultured hydroponic plants.

PH meters used for solutions like this contain a polypropylene probe, a high-quality temperature sensor, and a textile connection all combined in one.

However, the PH meters we have listed below are handy to have a firm grip, portable to pocket and can measure growth maintenance. They work with any kind of solution, which makes them a really good choice:

  1. Monguaconn Bluelab Guardian
  2. MeterBlue Monitor Guardian
  3. The Meter HanaGrowline
  4. Blue Lab Meter
  5. Combo Bluelab Meter
  6. HanaGroLine Meter
Best Overall
Bluelab MONGUACONIN Guardian Monitor
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Bluelab BLU27100 Guardian MonitorCheck Prices
Hanna GroLine PH/EC/TDS/Temperature MonitorCheck Prices
Bluelab CONTPH pH Controller with Hands-Free MonitoringCheck Prices
Bluelab Combo Meter Plus – Digital Hydroponic Nutrient and pH MeterCheck Prices
GroLine Hydroponic Waterproof Portable MeterCheck Prices

Besides, we assure you of getting detailed information about each meter. This will help you find the best PH meter you need for your solution, environment, or soil.

1) Bluelab MONGUACONIN Guardian Monitor

Bluelab MONGUACONIN Guardian Monitor Connect in-Line - Gardeners Yards

This is a PH meter for indoor plant cultivation or plant germination. This is the best PH meter for you if you need to monitor breeding media in your grow room. That’s because the breeding media is what shows if your plant receives the required nutrients.

PH meter helps to determine this because it contains a high level of hydrogen ions which instigate or halt nutrient absorption.

What does Monguaconn Bluelab Guardian do?

This PH meter measures many parameters in one. It gives you a precise reading of temperature, PH, and container conductivity.

It has a monitor that follows the reading as the parameter changes. These parameters tell you whether to add more nutrients or to decrease some factors in the solution. 

It features high humidity tolerance because it is waterproof. You will also enjoy a decent memory, which stores the reading when there is a power failure.

PH meters with monitors are quite popular in the market. Looking for them is usually strenuous, and you might eventually not get the best one. This Monguaconn Bluelab Guardian is durable, scintillating and worth every penny you will spend on it.

It can be mounted on your grow room support bar while it starts reading. Growers set up this PH meter by placing it in a container/pot while setting the water level, temperature or PH in a hydroponic solution.

During the plant germination, this meter allows you to set alarm whenever your readings escalate beyond a particular figure. Most PH meters don’t have this feature.

You can’t make a mistake with this meter as far as it is inside the smart pot/container used in hydroponics. This PH meter gives you the exact parameter readings whether you use it for outdoor farm, hydroponic grow room or laboratory.  The quality is top-notch, it saves time and helps you to know when to add or decrease additives.


  • Big screen that it is simple to read.
  • It does not demand calibration for temperature or conductivity.
  • Strong memory that makes it function after a power outage
  • It has an adjustable screen light
  • It can tolerate high humidity because it is waterproof.


  • Most beginners might not be able to afford it though it worth every penny you will spend on it because of its accurate measurements.

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2) Bluelab BLU27100 Guardian Monitor

Bluelab BLU27100 Guardian Monitor for Plant Germination - Gardeners Yards

This PH meter was rigorously tested and is trusted by the customers. It can read PH, TDS, EC, PPM, and temperature.

This meter is suitable for beginners because it is affordable and simple to use. It measures the three significant parameters (temperature, PH, conductivity) that help plants to thrive.

A lot of farmers love this because it can give the precise measurement of PH, TDS, EC, PPM, and temperature at once. Laboratory scientists also enjoy using this PH meter.

It also has a quality glass probe that is usually placed on a wall or a grip stand. Growers attest to the fact that it reads the hydroponic setup environment, while it regulates temperature and soil PH.

This will help detect high or low temperature around your plant and it also tells you the exact information about nutrients your plant is absorbing.

It enables tracking of grow room hydroponic plants all year round. It also has a blinking screen that tells you about any new development in the setup.

The blinking light is useful because it gives an emergency report on corrections that should be made swiftly. The PH meter EC/ppm value is 500/700/TDS/CF. They can also be called a growth PH because it monitors the growth of plants in hydroponic solution.


  • This is a complete PH meter because it has a regulated brightness screen, green light led display and a big screen for readings.
  • This PH meter helps you to check PH, TDS, EC, PPM, and temperature with one glance without the need to touch the screen.
  • It also has a recording memory in case there is a power failure, you can’t lose any readings with or without power supply.
  • This device is also waterproof, with six months warranty on the probe and two years warranty for other parts of the PH meter.
  • Unlike others, you can set the volume of the alarm. It can be set high or low whichever way you want it.
  • It has a green display led lights that are not harmful to plants.
  • You can connect the presented data from this meter to your computer because the information on the device is saved on clouds that can be accessed with a remote computer or mobile device.
  • Though it is handy, it has 2 phase calibration that extends up to 7.0.


  • It is not rechargeable and only works when powered though it saves stored data during a power outage.
  • It gives inaccurate readings when it is not stored in potassium chloride before use.

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3) Hanna GroLine PH/EC/TDS/Temperature Monitor

Hanna Groline PH Monitor with Multiparameter Probe - Gardeners Yards

This is a water-resistant meter that reads TDS, tempera