How To Get Rid Of Garden Gravel? – 6 Proven Ways

Garden gravel beautifies our gardens and can last for years.

Besides, there is an assortment of gravel options out there in different sizes and colors. Unlike grass or a permanent surface, garden gravel is easy to maintain and provides a variety of environmental benefits.

One of the greatest benefits of garden gravel is that they prevent runoff/soil erosion. This is because they filter rainwater, unlike other types of garden surfaces. If properly maintained, a gravel garden can last for almost 100 years. But if the gravel gets contaminated with weeds and debris or it gets in the way of planned landscaping, then you can get rid of it.

But how?

There are many ways through which you can remove garden gravel from your garden. However, it is vital to note that the process can be difficult and time-consuming. Before removing garden gravel, there are a variety of factors that you’ve to consider.

However, the main factor to look at is the type of gravel in your garden. There are different types of gravel which may need different methods of removal.

Methods Of Removing Garden Gravel

If you want to change the landscape of your garden or feel that you no longer want the gravel in your garden, there are several ways that you can do it. These are as follows:

1. Manually

The common method for removing gravel in the garden is manual. To undertake this method, you will require various tools. The tools consist of a garden rake, pointed shovel, wheelbarrow, and gardening gloves.

  • Start by shoveling gravel into a wheelbarrow.
  • Rake up the pieces of gravel you leave behind.
  • Dump it in a designated area or where it will be picked up.

If there is a cloth underneath, get rid of it as well as it cannot be reused.

However, removing gravel from your yard manually is only suitable for small projects and not large ones. The method is convenient if you’re disposing of the gravel in a nearby place and not far away.

2. Use Of Machine

The second method on our list is the use of a machine. This method is ideal for homeowners with a large garden or yard. It is also one of the easiest and most flexible ways of removing gravel from your garden.

A compact machine, such as a skid steer loader is utilized. The machine does all the work for you and very quickly. The compact machine scoops the gravel from your garden, dumps it in a designated area or hauling vehicle, and smooth the ground in preparation of your project.

When compared to manual removal of gravel, this method is quicker, and you will complete in a few hours. Using a rake, shovel, and wheelbarrow can take you days in a large garden, while this only takes hours.

Even though using a compact machine to get rid of gravel on a small garden is costly, the method is fast and convenient. So, you can opt for it if you don’t want to waste your energy and time.

3. Hire A Roll-off Dumpster

Another option for removing gravel from your garden is by hiring a roll-off dumpster. This is an excellent method if you’re disposing of gravel in a far off place.

Unlike using a wheelbarrow to dump gravel, a roll-off dumpster can hold several tons of gravel, which means that you can dump a lot of gravel at once, instead of making several trips to the dumpsite.

Simply get in touch with some of the best roll-off dumpster providers and schedule a delivery time. Then, you can proceed to clear the gravel and fill up the dumpster. When you’re done, you can call them for pickup.

Hiring a roll-off dumpster provider is beneficial in several ways.

After you have got rid of the gravel from your garden to the dumpster, you can schedule for a pickup. You don’t need to be home at the time of pickup.

What’s more? You can fill the roll-off dumpster at your own pace, depending on the number of days you’ve hired it.

Nonetheless, this method is also ideal for individuals with large gardens and not small ones. This is because the cost of hiring a roll-off dumpster is not cheap.

4. Employ A Junk Removal Company

If you don’t want to acquire a compact machine or hire a roll-off dumpster, you can as well as get in touch with a junk removal company.

In this case, you will not be required to do anything as the company you hire will handle everything. Most junk removal companies do not provide prices until they are on-site and after weighing the gravel.

They send their workers to remove and dump the gravel on your behalf. Note that this method is also ideal for people with a larger garden, as it can be costly.

5. Create A Listing In Craiglist Or Freecycle

If you want to offer your gravel for a small fee, then classifieds are an ideal place to get rid of garden gravel.

DIY-enthusiasts, landscapers, and home contractors usually look for materials such as gravel on these platforms.

You can decide to sell it or offer the gravel to someone who needs it for free. You can organize with them and have them pick it up from your garden.

Besides, you can also decide to give your gravel free of charge by listing it on Freecycles. This is a free site where you can get in touch with a person who wants gravel for free. So, instead of dumping it somewhere, you can give it away.

6. Place A Free Sign Out Of The House

Additionally, you can also get rid of gravel from your garden by advertising it outside your home. All you have to do is to put a sign outside your compound, stating that you’re giving away gravel.

So, if there is a neighbor or someone in the neighborhood who is interested, they can come, remove the gravel from your garden, and part with it for free. If possible, you can only give away your gravel if you’ve not found a buyer from within your neighborhood or online.

If you’re giving out your gravel for free, at least shovel them in one area so that interested passerby can have an easy time picking them up.

Smooth, multicolored pebbles form a garden path, contrasting with the lush green grass and foliage at the edge.

What Types Of Garden Gravel Are Easy To Handle?

Not all types of garden gravel will be easy to remove from your garden. That’s why you need to use the right method for the right kinds of gravel. Some gravel requires more force than others.

Pea Gravel

This is the most popular type of gravel on the market. It features rounded and pea-sized stones that are about 1/8 to 3/-8 – inches across. They come in a variety of colors, which include sand, dark grey, caramel brown, and medium grey.

This gravel does not compact totally to the ground, and they tend to roll off. Because of this, they are easy to remove with a shovel, rake, and wheelbarrow. Pea gravel is mostly used around patios, driveways, pathways.

Pea g