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Bonsai trees are aesthetically pleasing, but they need a lot of care to stay healthy and well-nourished.

Apart from requiring light, water, and the right temperature for healthy growth, they also need nutrients as their roots don’t have enough soil to get oxygen and nutrients from the soil.

That’s where bonsai fertilizers come in to help.

Gardener holding a bonsai tree with visible roots, symbolizing the nourishment from bonsai tree fertilizers.

Since every bonsai tree is unique in its own way, you need to identify the right bonsai fertilizer for your bonsai tree.

There are different types of bonsai trees, and they fall in one of the following categories; conifer bonsai trees, deciduous bonsai trees, and tropical bonsai trees.

So, before you choose a bonsai fertilizer, you should find the right fertilizer for your type of tree.

Feeding your bonsai tree will ensure that it does not starve but thrives during different seasons of the year.

Without much ado! Here are the best bonsai tree fertilizers:

Table Showing The Best Bonsai Tree Fertilizers:

  • Professional-Liquid-Dracaena-Plant-Fertilizer-Gardeners-Yards

    Biogold Original – 5 kilo bag F129

  • Dyna-gro Bon-008 8 Oz Bonsai-pro Liquid Plant Food

    Dyna-Gro BON-008 8 oz Bonsai-Pro Liquid Plant Food

  • Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets by Perfect Plants 5 Year Supply All Natural Slow Release Extended Enrichment for All Live Bonsai Tree Types

    Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets

  • Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer

    Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer

  • Bonsai-All-Purpose-Fertilizer-by-The-Bonsai-Supplyl-Gardeners-Yards

    Eve’s Garden Special Blend of Bonsai Fertilizer

  • Professional Liquid Bonsai Plant Fertilizer


    What We Liked Most About This Product

    • Perfect Nutrient Blend: This 3-1-2 liquid concentrate delivers all essential nutrients, making it ideal for all bonsai varieties, from seedlings to mature plants.
    • Ease of Use: Easily blend with water for simple application every other watering cycle.

    Product Overview

    The Professional Liquid Bonsai Plant Fertilizer is a unique blend designed to maximize plant absorption, promoting growth and vitality. It’s suitable for indoor plants, addressing common issues like brown spots and yellowing leaves. The fertilizer’s 3-1-2 NPK ratio ensures optimum nutrient delivery for healthy, vibrant plants.


    • Nutrient-rich formula suitable for all bonsai types.
    • Simple to mix and apply.
    • Durable packaging in a sealed 8 oz bottle.
    • Includes access to the Leaves and Soul app for bonsai care tips.
    • Made in the USA with a money-back guarantee.


    • Limited information on long-term effects on different bonsai species.

    This fertilizer is an excellent choice for bonsai enthusiasts seeking a straightforward, effective solution for nourishing their plants, ensuring strong roots, healthy growth, and vibrant blooms.

    Dyna-gro Bon-008 8 Oz Bonsai-pro Liquid Plant Food

    Dyna-gro Bon-008 8 Oz Bonsai-pro Liquid Plant Food

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    The Dyna-Gro Bon-088 8 oz Bonsai-Pro liquid plant food is one of the best fertilizers for growing bonsais.

    Unlike the Biogold Original fertilizer which is in the form of pellets, this fertilizer comes in liquid form. This means that you will not leave it there to dissolve on its own as it is mixed with water and applied instantly.

    The most exceptional feature of the Dyna-Gro Bon-008 Bonsai-Pro liquid fertilizer is the 16 minerals essentials that it comes with.

    The fertilizer comprises all the macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients needed for the healthy and nourished growth of the bonsais. So, your plants won’t lack anything for smooth growth.

    Product Overview

    Whether you want a fertilizer for feeding your indoor or outdoor bonsai plants, this fertilizer will meet your needs.

    Also, it can be used at different stages of growth and seasons. The best part is that a small portion of the liquid fertilizer is enough to fertilize your plants for long-lasting growth.

    To apply it to indoor plants, mix between ¼ and ½ teaspoon per gallon of water and water your bonsai tree.

    While for outdoor plants, take ½ teaspoon per gallon of water and apply it to the plant. Monthly, you should mix 1 teaspoon per gallon of water and apply it to the tree.

    Giving the right feed to your bonsai plants will ensure that they don’t burn but continue to grow healthy and as needed.

    Using this fertilizer is easy and reliable. Also, you don’t have to worry about the pellets not dissolving as it is in liquid form.

    If you apply the right concentration to your plants, they will complete all their life cycles without causing you problems.

    Apart from the high price, this is a wonderful bonsai fertilizer to use on your bonsai plants.


    • Easy-to-use liquid concentrate
    • Features all the 16 minerals essentials needed for proper growth
    • It has a long shelf life
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants
    • It is urea-free


    • It is slightly expensive

    Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets

    Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets by Perfect Plants 5 Year Supply All Natural Slow Release Extended Enrichment for All Live Bonsai Tree Types

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    Perfect Plants Bonsai fertilizer pellets are another quality fertilizer for bonsai growers. This multi-purpose nutrient will promote your bonsai tree requirements for root renewal.

    Since bonsai trees are grown in confined places like pots, they have limited access to nutrients.

    To enrich your trees and ensure that they get all the needed nutrients, applying a fertilizer such as the Perfect Plants bonsai fertilizer pellets will help them to grow steadily.

    What we liked most about the Perfect Plants bonsai fertilizer is that you will only have to apply it once per year.

    As a result, the slow-release pellets will ensure that your soil has the needed nutrients to promote the growth of new roots and strengthen them as well.

    Product Overview

    Besides, the fertilizer comes in a 3 x 5–inch, lightweight, and resealable bag with a 5-year supply.

    This means that you won’t be buying another bonsai fertilizer for the next 5 years when you acquire this bonsai fertilizer pack.

    This is good news for growers as it means that they can concentrate on other things after applying the fertilizer.

    Applying the slow-release pellets is easy, and they contain essential nutrients and vitamins that will help your bonsai trees grow efficiently and effectively.

    Moreover, this fertilizer can be used on different bonsai trees and other house plants.

    Generally, this is a perfect bonsai fertilizer for feeding your plants during the flushing season, early spring to late summer.

    Feed your plants and watch them thrive for the next 12 months before feeding them again.


    • It provides healthy and steady growth to all bonsais
    • It comes with all the essential nutrients as it has an NPK value of 18-6-8
    • It is simple to apply
    • It can also be used to fertilize other houseplants
    • Suitable for different growing seasons
    • It provides consistent growth over time
    • Easy to use by following instructions
    • Durable resealable bag


    • None

    Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer

    Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    If you’re tight on the budget but still want quality bonsai tree fertilizer for your bonsai trees, then this is a good option.

    The Superfly Bonsai fertilizer will keep your plants healthy and well-nurtured for a long time. Also, the resealable packs mean that you will store your fertilizer securely after use.

    A fascinating feature of this bonsai tree fertilizer is its slow-release formula.

    Because of its nature, it will release nutrients immediately and then maintain feeding for around one to two months.

    Therefore, you won’t be required to continually feed your bonsai trees as it will feed them every time you water them.

    Product Overview

    The Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer is also easy to apply as it comes with clear instructions and a scoop to help you feed the right amount of fertilizer.

    This Superfly bonsai fertilizer pack will boost the quick and healthy growth of foliage, branches, and trunks.

    But there is also another pack for preparing bonsai for winter growing and another for maintaining developed bonsai. The NPK formulas are different for every Superfly pack.

    This pack has an NPK formula of 12-4-5.

    You will also love this fertilizer pack if you’re a grower who takes care of both indoor and outdoor plants. It is cheaper than liquid bonsai fertilizer but very effective as well.

    All-in-all, this bonsai fertilizer is reliable, efficient, and easy to apply.


    • Easy to use with clear instructions
    • Slow-release fertilizer promotes your bonsai tree for long
    • Easy to apply with the included measuring scoop
    • Great for both indoor and outdoor use
    • It comes with an NPK value of 12-4-5
    • It is cheaper when compared to liquid fertilizers
    • The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee


    • You may hear a slight smell before watering the fertilizer, but it is nothing of concern

    Bonsai All-Purpose Fertilizer by The Bonsai Supply


    What We Liked Most About This Product

    • Optimized for Root Growth: Specially formulated to encourage strong root development.
    • Efficient Slow Release: A once-a-month application makes bonsai care straightforward and effective.

    Product Overview

    Bonsai All-Purpose Fertilizer by The Bonsai Supply, recognized from the ‘We Are The Bonsai Supply’ YouTube channel, is crafted to ensure balanced NPK and micronutrient levels. This granular slow-release fertilizer nourishes bonsai, promoting rapid and healthy growth.


    • Provides essential micro-nutrients for robust bonsai health.
    • Gentle on roots, ensuring safe and effective nourishment.
    • The slow-release formula for sustained nutrient delivery.
    • Promotes rapid growth and overall vigor.
    • Easy to apply; suitable for various bonsai varieties.


    • It may require consistent reapplication every 30-45 days for optimal results.
    • All bonsai enthusiasts might not prefer the granular form.

    In summary, Bonsai All-Purpose Fertilizer by The Bonsai Supply stands out for its effectiveness in enhancing the health and beauty of bonsai trees.

    Our most frequently asked questions on bonsai tree fertilizers.

    Why Is It Important To Fertilize Bonsai Trees?

    Unlike regular trees, bonsai trees require nutrients during their growing season. This is because they don’t have enough room or soil to get nutrients and oxygen from the soil.

    As a result, they have to be supplemented with nutrient feedings to compensate for the lack of soil.

    That’s why fertilizer is essential for bonsai trees. The fertilizer delivers vitamins and minerals required to turn carbon dioxide and water into food via photosynthesis.

    Fertilizers are usually made up of three vital elements, which include Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).

    When Should I Apply Bonsai Fertilizer?

    Bonsai trees require regular feeding because they are grown in a limited amount of soil.

    So, to keep the trees well-nourished and in good condition, you will have to feed them more regularly. Throughout the growing season, you should feed the bonsai fertilizer to your bonsai trees.

    And when the growth of your bonsai slows down, you also need to reduce feeding them weekly to monthly. This is common in later summer and early fall.

    However, you should note that some trees, such as tropical trees, need feeding throughout the year.

    What Is The Right Amount Of Fertilizer For My Bonsai Tree?

    The amount of fertilizer you feed your bonsai tree depends on several factors. These include the type of bonsai tree, the type of soil, the depth of the pot, and the time of the year.

    Also, you should note the bonsai’s growth stages as it may need different amounts of elements at different times.

    Nitrogen is essential for the proper growth of stems, phosphorous is ideal for strengthening roots, and potassium is vital for producing flowers and overall plant growth.

    Bottom Line

    Whether it is growing your bonsai trees, shrubs, vegetables, or other plants, you need the best bonsai fertilizer to keep them nourished.

    That’s why we selected the best bonsai fertilizers that will keep your bonsai trees healthy and nurtured. We’ve included both pellet and liquid bonsai fertilizers for you to choose from.

    The bonsai tree fertilizers that we’ve selected in this review are some of the best.

    They are also easy to apply and contain the essential nutrients required for proper growth. They feature nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and other elements.

    I hope you’ve found a bonsai fertilizer that is ideal for your type of bonsai tree!


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