Best Oscillating Fans For Grow Tent – Comprehensive Review & Buyer Guide

With the right indoor tools, growing your plants under controlled conditions is very easy. One of the essential tools that a grow room needs is a grow tent fan or air circulation. It helps in regulating the temperature of plants in the grow tent.

Sleek black oscillating fan hanging over wood surface next to green plants.

But, since there are so many grow tent oscillating inline fans to choose from, finding the best is not easy.

Without much ado! Here are the best grow tent oscillating fans available on the market.

  • Comfort Zone 6 INCH - 2 Speed - Adjustable Tilt, Clip-On Oscillating Fan For Grow Tent

    Comfort Zone Grow Tent Fan

  • Air King 9145 Clip-on oscillating Fan for grow tent

    Air King 9145 Fan

  • Hydrofarm Active Air ACF16 Wall Mount Fan for grow tent

    Hydrofarm Active Air ACF16 Fan

  • Tornado 16 Inch Digital Wall Mount oscillating Fan for grow tent

    Tornado Digital Wall-Mount Fan

  • Hurricane Wall Mount Grow Tent Oscillating Fan

    Hurricane Wall-Mount Fan

  • Comfort Zone 6-inch Oscillating fan

    Comfort Zone 6 INCH - 2 Speed - Adjustable Tilt, Clip-On Oscillating Fan For Grow Tent

    What we liked most about this product

    Comfort Zone 6-inch grow tent oscillating fan is one of the most affordable grow tent fans on the market. The fan operates smoothly and it features two fan speeds with adjustable tilt.

    This means that you can provide the airflow wherever you want it to in your grow room.

    Product Overview

    This is a quality and durable fan with exceptional features at a fair price. First of all, the fan is tested and meets UL, SAA, ETL, NOM, CE, and several other global marks for quality.

    It also has a strong grip clamp that easily attaches to surfaces such as poles inside the grow tent. Besides being used in the grow tent, this fan can also be attached to different surfaces in the office, dorm, school or even RV.

    One of the most vital features of the Comfort Zone grow tent fan is its 6-inch tough break-resistant ABS plastic bladed clip-on fan. Besides, it has a 5.5-foot cord which is long enough, and a steel safety cord.

    With the 2-speeds and adjustable head, you can get the fan to blow the air in the direction that you want at a low or high speed. This ensures that the whole preferred area is covered and the right temperature is attained in different parts of the growing area.

    However, this is not a very powerful fan and may not cover a wider area. But if you’re on a budget or want to cover a small grow area, then this is the perfect grow tent oscillating fan for you.


    • Made of a durable construction
    • Very convenient to use with adjustable speed
    • Outstanding coverage area
    • Extremely quiet in operation
    • Excellent and strong grip clamp
    • It is very affordable
    • Adjustable head to easily direct the airflow


    • Not a very powerful fan

    Air King 9145 Clip-on Fan

    Air King 9145 Clip-on oscillating Fan for grow tent

    What we liked most about this product

    Air King is one of the best fan brands on the market. The Air King 9145 clip-on fan is sturdily made with an easy-to-use clip-on or clip fan that holds it well in position.

    The clip-on feature rubber grip pads on the side of the clip that excellently holds the surface that the fan is attached to. Additionally, the fan is very quiet in operation thus you will have peace of mind using it.

    Product Overview

    The Air King 9145 clip-on has a 6-inch clip-on fan that can be used in a variety of places such as in a grow tent, kitchen, office, salon, and several other small spaces. This is because it is not very powerful thus not great for large grow tents or areas.

    Furthermore, the Air King 2-speed fan can be adjusted to either low or high speed to meet the needs of the growing area. The rotary switch at the back of the unit allows you to easily turn on/off the fan.

    It is also convenient to use as it features a 7-foot, 3-conductor type SPT power cord that covers a wider area.

    It is also properly made with a zinc-plated steel front grill with an impact-resistant plastic rear grill for longevity. The propylene blade is also chemical resistant and will remain strong for many years to come.

    At such a great price, the Air King 9145 clip-on fan will make your work easier as it can adjust up to 90 degrees. Alternatively, you can lock it in one position using the non-oscillating position.

    Though not very powerful, this fan will offer many years of use if well-maintained.


    • Durable construction
    • Easy to attach to different surfaces
    • Oscillates up to 90 degrees
    • It is very versatile
    • Quiet in operation
    • 2 speeds for convenient use
    • Easy to use with the on/off switch
    • It is impact-resistant


    • Not the strongest unit
    • It comes with a flimsy clip

    Hydrofarm Active Air ACF16 Wall Mount Fan

    Hydrofarm Active Air ACF16 Wall Mount Fan for grow tent

    What we liked most about this product

    Hydrofarm Active Air is one of the most popular indoor gardening brands as it offers a wide range of products with fans included.

    The Hydrofarm Active Air ACF16 wall mount fan offers an outstanding performance as it helps to keep the temperatures low and boost the health of your plants. With a 90-degree oscillation, this fan covers quite an impressive area of the grow tent.

    Product Overview

    The Hydrofarm Active Air ACF16 wall mount fan is durably made to last long and is energy-efficient. Besides, it offers great power with its 16-inch diameter fans.

    The unit has 3-speed settings that make it versatile and suitable for different indoor temperatures. You can adjust it to a favorable speed for your plants during different times of the day. With the 90-degree oscillation, this fan will cover a huge area of your tent without having to adjust it more often.

    One of the challenges of using this ACF16 grow tent fan is that it is very loud in operation. But this is because of its exceptional power unless you want a weaker device.

    Also, the 6-foot power cord makes moving the fan to any corner of your grow tent easy. Installing the fan is simple as it is a wall-mount fan.

    If you want to spend a little more cash to get a better unit, then the Hydrofarm Active Air ACF16 will be a good choice.


    • It is well made to last long
    • Extremely powerful fan
    • High energy efficient
    • 90-degrees oscillating action
    • Excellent coverage
    • Easy to setup
    • The 3-speed setting for convenient use


    • The fan is extremely loud while in operation

    Tornado 16-inch Digital Wall Mount Fan

    Tornado 16 Inch Digital Wall Mount oscillating Fan for grow tent

    What we liked most about this product

    Tornado is another popular fan brand with lots of powerful, sturdy, and high-performing fans on offer. The Tornado 16-inch digital wall mount fan is very easy and convenient to use with the remote control.

    One remote control can set all the fans in a single step. You can use the remote to set the speed, oscillation, time, and angle.

    Product Overview

    With more than 20 years on the market, the Tornado fan is a very reliable and durable fan that will serve you very well. This 16-inch fan offers safe and dependable performance throughout.

    Since it is made of a metal body, this fan will last for many years to come. On top of that, it has tough break-resistant ABS fan blades that will work efficiently for several years if well-maintained.

    This is a very convenient unit with a 3-speed motor and 3 oscillation controls to offer your plants the best environment to grow.

    Unlike other powerful fans, the Tornado 16-inch grow tent fan is silent in operation. Besides, the speed control function allows the user to adjust the fan to a suitable speed and it has a timer.

    Powered by 2 AAA batteries, this fan is safe to use as it has built-in thermal overload protection and automatic shut-off for the wrong installation.

    Note that the batteries are not included and you will have to purchase them separately. Also, the power cord is short thus you may not be able to use it far from a power socket.


    • Sturdy construction
    • 3-speed motor for convenience
    • Quiet operation
    • Safe to use with built-in thermal protection
    • Easy to operate with remote control
    • 90-degrees oscillating angles
    • Easy to install as it is a wall-mount unit


    • The electric cord is quite short

    Hurricane Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

    Hurricane Wall Mount Grow Tent Oscillating Fan

    What we liked most about this product

    The Hurricane wall mount oscillating fun is one of the best-selling wall mount fans on the market. This grow tent fan is very versatile in use and reliable in performance.

    It features 3-speed settings for high, medium, and low. These ensure that you select the right speed for your plants to grow healthy.

    Product Overview

    The unit is also well-made for longevity thus you get what you pay for. Unlike the weaker grow tent fans on the market; this fan is somehow loud in high speed, which should be expected of very powerful fans.

    The fan is also very versatile as it can be used in different areas such as a garage, home gym, shop, apartment, and any place with limited space.

    The Hurricane wall mount oscillating fan is very convenient to use with 3-speeds with a speed control knob and cord. You have the option of either choosing the 90-degree oscillation or lock it in place.

    Furthermore, the fan’s head can be adjusted with much ease up and down to direct airflow to your preferred grow area.

    When it comes to installation, this device is easy to use as it is a wall-mount device. With a 1-year warranty, this is a great grow tent oscillating fan to invest in.


    • Durable construction for long-lastingness
    • 3-speeds for convenient use
    • Highly efficient in operation
    • 90-degree oscillation with a lock function
    • ETL certified
    • Versatile usage
    • Easy to install
    • Quiet in operation
    • One-year warranty


    • It is slightly noisy at high speed
    • Many users have complained of uneven oscillation

    Grow Tent Oscillating Fan Buying Guide

    Apart from maintaining the conditions in the grow room, a fan also helps in getting rid of the odor and ensures the air is fresh. For this reason, you need to find the best grow tent fan to make sure that your plants flourish and produce a higher yield.

    A good grow tent oscillating fan should cover a reasonable area and rotate up to 90 degrees. Additionally, the fan should be powerful but slightly silent in operation.

    If you’re new to growing tent oscillating fans and don’t know what to look for, worry not! In this guide, we’re going to help you know what factors to consider to land the best ventilation fan for your grow tent. Here are some of the factors to consider:


    The material the fan is made of determines whether the fan will last long or not. Different manufacturers use different materials to design their fans. Most of the fans on the market are made of steel and durable ABS plastic fans. But some low-end fans will break after a few months of use.

    It is also a good idea to pick a grow tent oscillating fan that is certified by UL, CE, ETL, SAA, NOM, or any other global mark for safety and quality.

    Size of the grow tent

    With different grow tent sizes on the market, you need to select the right fan for your grow tent. This doesn’t mean that if a grow tent is big it needs a big fan.

    The size of the fan does not always indicate how powerful a fan is. Pick a fan according to its features and performance. A grow tent fan can be small but very powerful and suitable for big grow tents.

    Adjustable speed

    Some fans come with an adjustable speed while others don’t. Pick a unit with at least two speed settings such as high and low.

    This will allow you to control the temperature of the grow area unlike with a fan with a one-speed setting.

    Ease of installation

    Is the fan easy to install out of the box or does it need a professional to install it? Get a fan that can be installed on the rail, poles, or wall in the grow tent.

    Most of the grow tent oscillating fans are easy to set up as they feature a clamp for fixing the fan on the rail in the tent.


    If you want to have peace of mind, then you should consider getting a grow tent oscillating fan that has a low noise level. Some fans are noisy while others are silent.

    However, if you want a very powerful fan that covers a huge area, then you should be ready to get a noisy fan as the most powerful fans tend to be noisy.

    Oscillating angles

    What angle does the grow tent oscillating fan cover? Most of the fans on our list cover 90 degrees with a few covering up to 360 degrees.

    Avoid getting fixed fans as you may be required to adjust them to cover the whole grow area.


    The more costly the fan is the better it will be. But this doesn’t mean all costly fans are great for your tent even if it is a 4×4 grow area.

    Pick the right fan with the right features at a favorable price. Consider selecting from notable brands with a track record.


    What size of the fan is good for my grow tent?

    Several things determine the size of the fan that is good for your grow tent. One of the most important features to look for is how many meters of air per minute it can move.

    But before you decide on this, you need to know the temperatures in your grow room. A grow tent with high temperatures is better off with a fan that can exchange the tent air 3 to 5 times per minute.

    Besides, you also need to know what area the fan will cover. Know the total area of the tent and get a fan with a CFM rating ideal for one room change per minute.

    Is ventilation very important for my grow tent?

    Since your grow tent is an artificial grow area, you need to keep it well-ventilated so that the plants in the grow room receive the right temperature and growing conditions.

    Being in an enclosed area, the grow tent doesn’t have natural conditions and that’s why you need to install the right equipment to regulate the plants. That’s why you need the right grow tent fan for your grow tent.

    Are grow tent oscillating fans expensive?

    Even though ventilation equipment is costly, grow tent oscillating fans are favorably priced. However, the price varies depending on the features and quality of the fan. Get the best fan for your grow tent if you want the best yields.

    There are some amazing grow tent oscillating fans on the market that retail at a great price. Just ensure that you pick the right one for your grow area.


    Having proper ventilation for your grow tent is important if you want to create the best environment for your growing plants. All you need to do is to ensure that you get the right grow tent fan for your grow area.

    The right fan will ensure that you reduce the total maintenance cost and your plants will be in a position to thrive and produce higher yields.

    Since there are so many grow tent oscillating fans on the market, you need to ensure that you pick the right fan for your grow tent size.

    With our detailed review and guide, I hope you’ve found an oscillating fan that has features that you desire and is within your budget. Get it and give your grow tent and plants the right conditions to flourish.

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