Can I Cut My Hedge On My Neighbor’s Side?

Nowadays, many people prefer hedges over traditional fences. If you’re a homeowner with a garden, hedges can be an effective way to ensure your privacy. However, you’re not the only one reaping the benefits – your neighbor may also be simply by living next to you.

So whose hedge is it, anyway?

As much as they’re beautiful and give the home a fresh and colorful environment, hedges also require proper maintenance. When you want to cut the hedge or hedge trimming it, you should be cautious about cutting your neighbor’s side without consultation. Even if the cut hedge is yours, you need to consider the effects it may have on both parties.

It is a good idea to first consult your neighbor before taking any action.

Scroll down to find out more about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to handing your hedge:

Reasons For Cutting The Hedge On Your Neighbor’s Side

1. The Roots Of The Hedge Are Affecting Your Property

This may occur when the hedge’s roots begin to protrude from your side and slowly destroy the areas that are cemented. This can even make your home area look messy. In this instance, wanting to cut the own hedge is quite reasonable. After all, your neighbor has no share of your property and what you choose to do with it. The roots could force you to repair your place, which could have adverse effects.

2. Hedge Affects Your Stone-walled Fence

This happens when one has climber vegetation growing and attaching to your wall. It tends to ‘eat’ at the stones, weakening them in the process and causing them to crack.This could pose a risk, as they might start becoming shaky and fragile. Ignoring this issue may quickly cause your fence to require immediate fixing.

Before taking action, we recommend alerting your neighbor of any changes you intend to make and getting their full approval. Of course, this also goes both ways, if the neighbor’s hedge is the problem. Therefore, inform your neighbor of your grievance and show a good reason for cutting the hedge that is attached to your wall on their side.

3. Light Obstruction

Your hedge could be obstructing light from reaching some rooms in your house, which are on the same side as the hedge. Try trimming it to a height that will not obstruct light from entering any of the rooms. The light obstruction could also affect the growth of plants that are near the fence and the hedge.

In this case, cutting it to a height that would not affect your plants would be the best solution.

4. Unattractive Appearance

The hedge may not be trimmed and shaped by the neighbor, thus making it look shaggy and bushy. Therefore, tell your neighbor about it and cut the part that looks unattractive.

This includes cases where your neighbor’s hedge hasn’t been trimmed for a while and is entering your compound.

5. Overhanging

Your neighbor’s hedge or tree may be overhanging on your side, causing the leaves to fall off regularly. This will create extra work for you to clean it. You cannot expect your neighbor (who owns the tree), to come over and clean it whenever there’s a mess.

In this case, inform your neighbor of your grievance and offer to cut it yourself. Falling leaves are a significant issue. Ask yourself: How would you keep up the maintenance without inconveniencing your neighbor if your tree was the issue?

Lush, green hedge lining a street next to a house, with sunlight filtering through the trees.

How Should You Discuss Cutting The Hedge With Your Neighbor?

1. Make A Deal On The Maintenance Of The Hedge

If you have a stone wall fence, but your neighbor has a hedge, it should be their responsibility to ensure that their hedge does not affect you. If it is home to nesting birds, it should not be trimmed. The best way to resolve this issue with your neighbor is to set an agreement on how they will be handling the hedge.

This applies when you want to trim it on your side or simply re-enforce how your neighbor will maintain the hedge. It all depends on the relationship you have with your neighbor and how you treat one another.

Our advice: Focus on building a healthy relationship with each other. This way, whenever an issue arises, you have proof of agreement, or can work together to find the best way forward.

2. Be Clear On The Right Size

When explaining to your neighbor that you want to cut the hedge, you should be specific about the size you would like it to be. You could also help your neighbor understand how to maintain his or her hedge in such a manner that it won’t interfere with your space.

Living peacefully is essential, and such minor issues should not cause any distress to you or your neighbor.

3. Don’t Cut Without Permission

It is not advisable to cut your neighbor’s hedge abruptly and expect them to be happy about it. Your neighbor may think that you are inconsiderate and may never be comfortable with you, or invite you to any events or meetings. If you don’t feel comfortable talking directly to them, you could use a letter or a council.

This way, you will agree in a civilized manner on how you will handle the hedge or tree that is affecting your space/area. The neighbor can also opt for this to ensure that you are also responsible for your plants. Always be polite and take action when it is allowed and reasonable.


While you are responsible for maintaining your hedge, always try putting yourself in your neighbor’s shoes. When deciding about cutting the hedge, consider consulting with your neighbor to find the best solution for both parties. In contrast, you may also not be satisfied if your neighbor cuts your hedge without first consulting with you.

In cases where an agreement can’t be reached between you and your neighbor, consider using a letter or consulting with a council. To conclude, creating rapport with your neighbor is the best thing you can do to achieve a respectful, peaceful environment and lasting relationship.

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