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Can I Cut My Hedge On My Neighbor’s Side?

Nowadays, many people prefer hedges over traditional fences.

As much as they’re beautiful and give the home a fresh and colorful environment, hedges also require proper maintenance.

When you want to cut the hedge or trim it, you should be cautious about cutting your neighbor’s side without consultation.

Can I cut my hedge on my neighbor side
When either cutting your or your neighbor’s hedge, you should have sensible reasons as to why you want to do it.

Even if the hedge is yours, you need to consider the effects it may have on both parties.

It is a good idea to first consult your neighbor before taking any action.

Let’s dive more into this topic now.

Reasons For Cutting The Hedge On Your Neighbor’s Side

1. The Roots Of The Hedge Affecting Your Property.

This may occur when the hedge’s roots begin to protrude from your side and slowly destroy the areas that are cemented.

This can even make your home area look messy.

This is quite a sensible reason since your neighbor has no share on your property.

The roots could force you to repair your place, which could have adverse effects.

2. Hedge Affects Your Stone-walled Fence.

This happens when one has climber vegetation growing attached to your wall.

It tends to “eat” the stones, thus weakening it.

Cracks may occur, which could make it risky. Hence, it might start being shaky and fragile.

By ignoring this, it may quickly make your fence require fixing.

Thus, you need to approach your neighbor and tell him/her what you want to do to ensure they are in full support.

This also goes both ways, if the neighbor’s hedge is the problem.

Therefore, you can tell your neighbor your grievance and show proof for cutting the hedge that is attached to your wall on the neighbor’s side.

3. Light Obstruction.

Your hedge could be obstructing light from reaching some rooms in your house, which are on the same side as the hedge.

You can try trimming it to the height that will not obstruct light from entering the rooms.

The light obstruction could also affect the growth of plants that are near the fence and the hedge.

Cutting it to the height that would not affect your plants would be the best thing here.

4. Unattractive Appearance.

The hedge may not be trimmed and shaped by the neighbor, thus making it look shaggy and bushy.

Therefore, tell your neighbor about it and cut the part that looks unattractive.

This includes the case when your neighbor’s hedge hasn’t been trimmed for a while and is entering your compound.

5. Overhanging.

It might be your neighbor’s hedge or tree that overhangs in your side, and the leaves fall off regularly.

This will give you extra work to clean it. You cannot expect your neighbor, who is the tree owner, to come over and clean it every time.

In this case, you could tell your neighbor your grievance and offer to cut it yourself.

Falling leaves are a significant issue, and if your tree is also an issue, know how you will manage the maintenance without any inconvenience.

How Should You Discuss Cutting The Hedge With Your Neighbor?

1. Make A Deal On The Maintenance Of The Hedge

When you have a stone wall fence, and your neighbor has a hedge, they should be responsible for making sure that the hedge does not affect you.

If it is home to nesting birds, it should not be trimmed.

The best thing is trying to resolve with your neighbor the issues so that you may agree on how you will be handling the hedge.

This applies when you want to trim it in your side or even making it your neighbor’s duty to be maintaining it.

It also depends on how you relate with your neighbor and how they behave towards you.

It should always go both ways so that whenever an issue arises, you have proof of agreement.

2. Be Clear On The Right Size

When explaining to your neighbor that you want to cut the hedge, you should be specific in the size you want it to be.

You could also help your neighbor know how to maintain his or her hedge in such a manner that it won’t interfere with your space.

Living peacefully is vital, and such issues should not stop it.

3. Don’t Cut Without Permission

It is, therefore, not advisable to cut your neighbor’s hedge abruptly and expect them to be happy about that.

Your neighbor may understand that you are an ignorant person and will never get comfortable with you or even invite you for events or any meetings.

Well, if you don’t feel comfortable talking directly to them, you could use a letter or a council.

Through this, you will agree in a civilized manner on how you will handle the hedge or tree that is affecting your space /area.

The neighbor can also opt for this, to ensure that you are also responsible for your plants.

Always be polite and take action when it is allowed.


When deciding about cutting the hedge, always try putting yourself in your neighbor’s shoes.

You could also not be satisfied if your neighbor cut your hedge without consulting with you.

Therefore, creating a rapport is the best thing you could do to create a friendly environment with your neighbor.