How Much Electricity Does A Water Fountain Use? – Overview

Water cascading down the tiers of a classic fountain, exemplifying water features' electricity use.

How Much Does Running a Water Fountain Cost?

It depends!

  • What is the amount of water (in litres) the fountain requires?
  • How many hours per day does it run?
  • What is the force of the water pump?
  • What is the power usage (in watts) of the pump?
  • What is the electricity unit cost for you? For example, if you use  250 watts water pump for your outdoor fountains, and your single unit cost is $0.1, running it 24 hours, a day continuously for 30 days would cost you $18 per month.

Will running a water fountain cost you much?

Residential fountains need power consumption equal to a small lamp. You can install a variable frequency device. Its installation is recommended in both submersible and dry pumps. It results in an energy saving of a minimum of 10-15%.

But commercial water fountains consume more electricity as the water amount is larger, and the pumps are much more powerful. Consuming electricity also depends on the season. Operating the pump motors below their nominal rate helps the fountain consume less energy.

Installation Requirements for Water Fountain

Installing a fountain depends on a productive environment, such as a garden or patio. These are the most used environments, but they can even be conditioned in another context as well.

If the house is of the rustic type, then “the water fountain falls like a cherry on the cake.” Although it is not very complicated, there are several parts to a water source. There will be a fountain to catch the water.

Water pump traditionally requires electricity, a hose to carry the water back to the beginning of the basin, and the areas where the water will fall through the waterfall. The water pump must be kept underwater; otherwise, it can burn quickly.

But, to install an electric water fountain, you will need an expert electrician and a professional plumber.


Having a small fountain at home shouldn’t cost you much! When you are looking for larger garden fountains, then the cost becomes more considerable. Most homeowners, however, will face some problems after installing a water fountain. Though, nothing is as relaxing as seeing and hearing the falling water.

A water feature can add elegance and style to a home and can become the centre of attention throughout the house. The water features always draw the attention of visitors to your home. Lastly, choose a font style that complements your home decor.

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